EWH3 Hash Trash #1143: The 10th Anal Jorts Association of Arlington Trail!

When: Thursday, September 5, 2019

Where:  Pentagon City Metro (Blue / Yellow Line)

Hares:  Roll Over, Bitch; You Can’t Handle the Poop; sKooter Kunte; Tragic Carpet Ride

Virgins:  Just Erin

Visitor:  Just John from Springfield, Just Liz from Eugene OR, Just Suzanne from who cares, and Semen For Vegan from Boulder

On-After:  not Freddie’s


  • ROB and You Can’t Handle The Poop! were violated because they’re clearly getting more sartorially conservative in their old age.  These hares weren’t wearing jorts. Those hemlines were so low it was more like… japris or j-clamdiggers.
  • Tragic Carpet Ride was violated for wearing a pair of daisy dukes that literally stopped traffic… because he walked the entire pack into oncoming traffic.
  • Tony Panda accidentally snitched himself for autohashing when he said that he knew walkers’ trail was 3 miles cause that’s what the odometer said.
  • The Virginator was violated because after the 5 cups of coffee he had that day I decided to just let him come into circle instead of continuing to shout over every single thing I was saying.
  • And finally, a violation to beer bitch Just Perry because that sweet summer child had the naivety to ask me and Poon-apple Juice if we get permits to run circles.

No naming!  Byeeeeeee

On – feeling my Canadian tuxedo fantasy – on,

Stain Gretzky