EWH3 #1146: The Cat Ladies and Gentlemen Present the Second Anal Tour du Feline – September 26, 2019 – Union Station Metro (Red Line)

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Cat Fact # 69: A female cat can be referred to as a molly or a queen, and a male cat is often labeled as a tom. Yasss queen! 

Cat Fact # 1063: The Cat Fanciers Association recognizes 44 breeds of cats.

Cat Fact #1146: A group of cats is called a clowder.

Data limit reached. You can receive more Cat Facts at this week’s trail! There may even be something special for the cats who show up early! 

Bonus: Here’s one of HareRazor’s favorite cat videos.

When:6:45 circle up, Pack away 7:15!

Where: Union Station Metro. Follow marks to start. 

Hares: General Tso’s Kitten, (Lickin’) Deetz Nutz, Geriatric Meow-ndering, Tail Mary, Mew-mbo # Hives, Schrödinger’s Cat (maybe alive?)

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A’. Only “shiggy” is at beer check. Bring a h*adlamp and BUG SPRAY. 

How Far: Runners’ trail will be approximately 3.9 miles long (about 2.45 miles first half and 1.45 miles second half). Walkers’ trail usually is approximately half the distance. 

Last trains out of Union Station:
Glenmont: 11:42pm
Shady Grove: 11:28pm

On After: Union Pub
201 Massachusetts Ave NE

Hamilton’s will be hella packed for the Packers game. But at Union Pub, you can partake in the glorious:


  • $13 Bud Light Pitchers
  • $4.50 rail drinks
  • $4.50 mystery beers
  • $5 stella drafts

Kitchen open ‘til midnight! Tip your bartenders!