EWH3 #1174 – The Flower Power Trail (Virtual Trail)

When: Any time on Thursday, March 26

Where: Wherever you happen to be

Hares: You!

Trail Length: Whatever you decide

Theme: Flower Power – Grab your allergy meds and your hand sanitizer for the first trail of spring! Whether you take a stroll by that one cherry blossom tree down the street, don your most fabulous floral atheleisure, or just spray some hibiscus scented Lysol around the living room, join us! 

At any time on Thursday, March 26, take a break from the tedium of social distancing and join us in any way you can. Choose a location for your runner’s, walker’s, or quarantined trail. Inside or outside, it’s up to you. Decide for yourself if you will be running/walking solo or with your quaranteam (those who live with you and/or you frequent contact without increasing exposure risk). 

Snap a photo in theme at the beginning and end of your trail (or even somewhere in between!) and post it to our Google Photos album with your hash name and any interesting tidbits from your adventure. Check out everyone else’s dumb decisions and comment away! You must post on Thursday by midnight to receive credit for the trail, but feel free to continue liking, commenting, and supporting one another. 

On After: Your house!