EWH3 #1185 – Seltzers & Shandys (Virtual Trail)

When: Any time on Thursday, June 11 (but circle up at 7pm!)

Where: Wherever you happen to be

Hares: You!

Trail Length: Whatever you decide

Theme: Seltzers & Shandys

We all love beer, that much is true. But who says your heart can only belong to one tasty beverage? This week, show off your love for seltzers, ciders, shandys, and any other non-traditional libation. Gather your quaranteam at High Noon and get ready to Truly enjoy your day, as you explore DC while getting Clawbbered. Because as we all know: variety is the spice of life. 

At any time on Thursday, June 11, take a break from the tedium of social distancing and join us in any way you can. Choose a location for your runner’s, walker’s, or quarantined trail. Inside or outside, it’s up to you. Decide for yourself if you will be running/walking solo or with your quaranteam. 

Snap a photo in theme at the beginning and end of your trail (or even somewhere in between!) and post it to our Google Photos album with your hash name and any interesting tidbits from your adventure. Check out everyone else’s dumb decisions and comment away! You must post on Thursday by midnight to receive credit for the trail, but feel free to continue liking, commenting, and supporting one another. 

CIRCLE UP at 7pm!

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 947 7104 9383
Password: 6969

On After: Interested in hosting this week? Email me at ewh3harerazor@gmail.com !

Hab: Habn’t you ordered new EWH3 gear yet? Contact the haberdasher at tiktokewh3@gmail.com for masks & more!

A message from your Brew Meister for properly executing your personal brew crews on trail.  Please consider buying local when you can during these times.  Whether a restaurant, bar, or direct from the brewery we can help our local establishments through these trying times.  Beers enjoyed outside are best done in a koozie, please recycle when appropriate, and remember we’re hashers not trashers.  I hope you’re all doing well, On-Quarantine-On!

DC Local Breweries

Maryland Local Breweries

Virginia Local Breweries