EWH3 #1187 – Halfway to Christmas (Phase Two Trail) – Capitol South (Blue/Orange)

It’s been 101 days. In that time, we have missed:

Spring Break (woo!)

Easter (Guess Jesus really can’t go hashing…)

Cinco De Mayo

Memorial Day

Mother’s Day

Summer Solstice

So buckle up, you naughty wankers, we’re somehow…

Halfway to Christmas!

We may not be able to stuff your shiggy socks full of joy, but your MisManagement has another gift for you: A Real Live Trail!

So pack your sac full of libations, gather up your ho-ho-hos, and don your most festive outfit, whatever you decide to celebrate! 

You have three options for this trail:

1. Virtual Only: Post a photo to the Google Album following the requirements listed below.

2. Iso-Trail: Any time on Thursday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, find trail and run on your own. Snap a photo at the indicated spot and post for credit. If you choose this option, do NOT mark checks, but please DO touch up any faded or distorted marks as you go. 

3. Live Packs: Two packs of 25 will gather for BYOB trail. You must sign up here via Hash Rego to attend! Hash Rego will open on Sunday June 21 at Noon.

When: Anytime before 5:00 on Thursday, June 25; OR

Live Packs out at 5:00 and 7:00 – Sign up on Hash Rego required! Be sure to read the requirements carefully before committing! 

Where: Garfield Park 

D’Erections: From the Capitol South metro, walk South down First St SE. When you reach the park, continue to the lower corner and stop before the staircase. 

Hares: Poon-apple Juice, Schrodinger’s Cock

Trail Length: 3.14 miles (We also missed Pi Day!)

Photo Requirements: To receive credit, you must post at least one of the following to the google album, linked here:

1. Snap a photo on trail at the photo check. 

2. Show off your winter cheer by dressing up and creating a snow-free angel. Get creative and post a photo or gif to the Google Photo album. 

3. Did you choose to celebrate in a different way? Show us your festive attire and tell us why that’s the holiday you’re most excited to relive!

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A, BYOB & Snacks, Be Safe, Stay Distant, Wash your hands. Refer to the email about EWH3 reopening for details.

Optional Beer Check: Don’t want to carry your own beverages? When you reach the beer check location, look for a note from your hares about an optional, unofficial beer check suggestion. 

Virtual Circle:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 3421 0105
Password: beer