EWH3 #1190 – Mermaids and Se(a)men (Phase Two.2) – Stadium-Armory (Blue/Orange/Silver line)

Do you want to be where the hashers are?  Do you want to see ‘em, hashin’ around?  Then put on some fins or dress like a dirty sailor and be part of our world.  Join us this week for a nautical journey and you might even spot some mythical sea creatures.  Suggested drinks include light rum, dark rum, spiced rum, and beer.

You have two options for this trail – You must sign up here via Hash Rego to attend! 

1. Iso-Trail: Any time on Thursday between 10:00 AM and 6:00pm, find trail and run on your own. If you choose this option, do NOT mark checks, but please DO touch up any faded or distorted marks as you go. Rego now!

2. Live Packs: A pack of 35 will gather for BYOB trail. We will be providing a limited amount of beer and water for the pack at end circle! Rego now!

When: Anytime before 6:00pm on Thursday, July 16; OR

Live Pack out at 7:00pm – Sign up on Hash Rego requiredBe sure to read the requirements carefully before committing! 

Where: Start at the northern tip of parking lot 8 behind RFK stadium.

D’Erections: From the stadium-armory NE exit, head east on Independence ave SE towards RFK.  Walk across parking lot 8 and circle-up at the NE corner right before the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge. Capitol Bike Share station on 19th & East Capitol St SE.

Hares: They Blow Up So Fast and Tacos On A Bridge.

Trail Length: Runners 3.5 miles / Walkers 1.9 miles

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A with some light shiggy, BYOB & Snacks, Be Safe, Stay Distant, Wash your hands.