EWH3 #1192 – The 2nd Anal International Beer Day Eve(ish) (Phase Three) – Fort Totten (Red/Yellow/Green)

Friday, August 7 is International Beer Day! Get a h*ad start on this sacred holiday by stumbling through the woods with people you thank Gispert are not your blood relatives, then gather ’round a religious adviser to tell heartwarming stories and mock your fellow wankers in scatological detail.

Twas the night before Beermas, when all through the hash

The creatures were r*nning, and we even had cash;

Shiggy socks were donned on legs dark and pale, 

All for the sake of drinking cheap ale;

Brew crew was nestled all snug in Scrotal brew crew’s car,

While visions of Naturdays danced in their noodle.

You MUST sign up on Hash Rego for trail credit. A pack of 35 will gather for trail with a live, socially distant circle.

When: Circle up at 6:45pm; on-out at 7:00pm

Where: Fort Totten Park, corner of Fort Totten Drive NE & Crittenden St NE

D’Erections: From Fort Totten Metro, walk northwest on Galloway St NE toward Fort Totten Station, turn left on 1st Pl NE and continue when it turns into Gallatin St, then turn left on Fort Totten Dr NE. Capital Bike Share station at Fort Totten Metro Station.

Hares: Son, Where’s My Beer & Schrodinger’s Keg

Trail Length: 

Runners: 3.2 miles / Walkers: 2 miles

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A, with beer! Sign upon Hash Rego is Required! Be safe, stay distant, bring BUG SPRAY, wash your hands! Mask & vessel required!

Back again this week! 

We couldn’t celebrate without providing everyone’s favorite beverage – beer! Brew Crew will be available to serve you a limited amount of libations at both beer check and end. In order to ensure that this is done in a safe manner, we require the following:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please sanitize your hands before approaching the Brew Crew station. 
  • Brew Crew is required to wear a mask at all times. You must also wear a mask when interacting with them. 
  • Trails will be cans-only. Brew Crew will only purchase enough cans for rego’d hashers, so be sure to sign up! 
  • You must pour your beer into a vessel before leaving the crew station. 
  • Bottled water will also be provided – stay hydrated!
  • Do not reach for a beer! Brew Crew will hand your beer to you by placing it down on a table bench. 
  • There will be no bag van or snacks provided… YET. Stay tuned as we work on ways to re-introduce these aspects safely
  • Remember that your Crew has volunteered out of the goodness of their heart. They are offering their time, vehicle, and exposure to make you happy. Show them the respect they deserve!

Big Announcements!

1. Save the Date: Everyday is Wednesday will host Full Moon on August 8. Details to cum!

2. Need a mask? Want some novelty in your ath-leisure wear? Contact your Hab about online ordering today at ewh3hab@gmail.com! Son, What the Fuck?! EWH3 Harerazor