EWH3 #1193 – The 4th Anal Face/Off Trail (Phase Three) – Mt Vernon (Yellow/Green) & NoMA (Red)

Cum join Schrödinger’s Cock as he attempts to thwart the gods of aging by dressing as another hasher’s name. Like Nicholas Cage (or John Travolta? Still not sure…), it’s time for a face… off!

Need some inspiration? Check out some of last year’s guests of honor, including…

Stain Gretzky

Goldman Ballsachs

The Cumburglar! and Poon-apple Juice

Texas Hold Him

Texas Hold Him

You MUST sign up on HashRego for trail credit. A pack of 35 will gather for trail with a live, socially distant circle.

When: Circle up at 6:45pm; on-out at 7:00pm

Where: Across L St from the Walker-Jones Educational Campus


  • From Mt Vernon Square Metro: Walk East along M street, turn South down NJ Ave, turn East on L St NW, parking lot to the South
  • From Noma/Gallaudet Metro: Walk West along M, continuing along NY Ave, turn South down 1st St NW, turn East down L St NW, parking lot to the South
  • Capital Bike Share (4th St NW & K St NW): Walk East along K, turn North up NJ Ave, Turn East down L St NW, parking lot to the South

Hares:  Schrödinger’s Cock & 21 Gum Salute

Trail Length: Runners: 3 miles / Walkers: 1.22 miles

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A, with beer! Sign up on Hash Rego is Required! Be safe, stay distant, bring BUG SPRAY, wash your hands! Mask & vessel required!

Big Announcements!

1. August Full Moon Trail – EWH3

Iso-Trail (No rego or sign up). Please space yourself apart and be safe.

When: Saturday August 8th, live after 10:30am. 

Where: Start is located at 5539 Mt Pleasant St NW

Hares: Deetz Nutz, 21 Gum Salute

Trail Length: Runners – 4.1 mi / Walkers – 2 mi

Shiggy Level: Runners – 4 out of 6.9, Walkers – 0.69 out of 6.9

Misc: Trail is A to A with optional BYOBeer Check.  Walker trail is dog friendly.  Runners trail is dog friendly for adventurous dogs only.  Water crossing on Runners trail (knee deep).  One BVC crossing on Runners.  If you choose to run/walk trail at night, please take an Accountabil-a-buddy.