EWH3 #1195 – The Capitol Cajones Trail (Phase Three) – Van Ness/UDC (Red)

Welcome back to another Thursday of (masked) debauchery!

You MUST sign up on HashRego for trail credit. A pack of 35 will gather for trail with a live, socially distant circle.

When: Circle up at 6:45pm; on-out at 7:00pm

Where:  Van Ness/UDC (start here)

D’Erections:  From the Van Ness/UDC Metro, walk up Connecticut Ave, take a left on Yuma St, and go to the TOP of the garage.

Hares: Papal Smear & Special Red

Trail Length: 

Runners First half 2.0 / Second half 1.8 miles

Walkers first half 1.6 / Second half 1.5 miles

 *Has shiggy & not stroller friendly (but tough dog friendly)!

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A, with beer! Sign up on Hash Rego is Required! Be safe, stay distant, bring BUG SPRAY, wash your hands! Mask & vessel required!