When: Thursday September 10, 2020
Where: Georgetown
Hares: 21 Gum SaluteBitches Give Stitches
Long Time No See’um: Naughtia
Come and Eat Me

Now, you may not know this but this week’s trail theme was inspired by a quote by…

Marie Curie, a pioneer in radioactivity.

No? Not her? My bad, it was..

Marie Callender, a personal role model of mine due to her icy personality and… oh? Still wrong? 

Marie Kondo? Encouraging her disciples to clear their diets of foods that do not bring them joy?

Marie Windsor, the Queen of B’s?

Marie Osmond, of… the Osmonds?

None of those, huh? Guess we’ll just have to chalk it up to “anonymous.”

Close Encounters of the Turd Kind helped share the magic of the full moon with a rouge stripper.

Mourning Wood engaged in peak objectification, shockingly not of Turd Kind’s ass.

You Can’t Handle the Poop tried (and failed) to recreate his virginity.

There was a hasher who lost himself in the music, the moment, you know it.. was 9021ho. 

And with no naming to act as the icing on this cake, we scurried back to our abodes, drunk and full of sweets.

On – Oh, it was Rihanna! – On
Poon-apple Juice (h/t Close Encounters of the Turd Kind)