EWH3 HASH TRASH #1201: The AdMo Still Has Shiggy Trail!

When: October 1st, 2020

Where: Woodley Park/Adams Morgan (Red Line)

Hares: Schrödinger’s Cock & 21 Gum Salute

Virgins: Just Jen

Visitors: Mayor Blewme, Just Stephanie

On-After: None, because COVID

PSA for not following Mourning Wood over logs with the beer. Where is your sense of adventure?

Just Stephanie was talking about how she misses being in a relationship because she likes popping her partners pimples. Not to kink shame, if that’s your thing, but it’s weird you miss popping pimples more than popping boners!

The ladies on the runners trail who took forever to solve the check. You have lost your rights to ever criticize a man for not stopping to ask for directions!

The 9021Ho award for the FRB who blows past a check and gets lost goes to… 9021Ho!

80 Lays was overheard talking about having an abundant supply of small batteries in her nightstand. That’s surprising, because I took her for a Four D-Cell kinda gal!

All the runners EXCEPT Papal smear, 9021Ho, and myself, for being incredibly unpatriotic. They started down the Eagle trail, but then Turkeyed out!