EWH3 #1215 -Cancelled / virtual only

Following the events that transpired downtown yesterday, the district is in a heightened state of security, anxiety, and uncertainty. In an effort to maintain the safety of our community, avoid potential altercations with visitors, and reduce our impact on both local and supportive policing agencies, we have made the decision to cancel tonight’s trail. 

This decision was not made lightly. As of this email, the mayor has not yet enacted a curfew, nor are the areas in which trail was planned closed to the public. However, we feel that it is reckless and ill-advised to gather and participate in our typical weekly activities. 

Hash cash refunds will be issued to those who have signed up via HashRego. In lieu of attending trail, we encourage you to stay safe at home and consider supporting a local-owned business, uploading a photo to our virtual trail album, or gathering virtually with those near and far alike. It is our sincere hope that we are back to business as usual soon, when we have returned to the safe and inclusive city we all know and love. 

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