When: Thursday March 25, 2021
Where: NoMa-Gallaudet University
Hares: Geriatric Mandering and Stain Gretzky

Ever pull out that old yearbook and wish you could turn back time to revisit those good ole days? Well, you’re in luck. Grab your sack lunch and meet us in the caf’. Good luck finding a table…


You could join Skooter Kunte and her skateboard at the Skater table, or is she part of the poser pod? 

There’s an empty spot next to the principal’s son, which is surprising becuase half the pack is brown nosing to get him to ignore their pre-trail imbibing in front of the ATF.

Shetland Blow-Me has a seat at the Lumberjack table. These dudes love the glory days of Bear Grylls. Just be careful of grabbing the wrong vessel vessel, he’s drinking piss.

Chip Off The Old Cock was overhead saying that she’s watching her knees because she’s concerned that after 30 your body starts to break down. Are you telling me that you, a millennial, hasn’t broken down at all over the past year? Isn’t that why you’re eating in a bathroom stall? 

If you’re into theater and questioning your sexuality, Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer will welcum you with open arms (and legs).

None of this your speed? Why not take a seat by Special Red, he’s totally the cool teacher, even if he spends his entire paycheck on beer and bud instead of chalk for his classroom…

No freshies to name, no extracurriculars planned, better just get to my study date..

On – Sign my yearbook? – On
Poon-apple Juice (h/t Close Encounters of the Turd Kind)