EWH3 #1230: The April Showers Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, April 1 – Dupont Circle (Red Line)

They say April showers bring May flowers. So what do May flowers bring?

Or was it… golden showers?

Don your wellies or your bathrobe as you explore the streets of Dupont circle in search of these elusive flours. Maybe you’ll find some extra surprises along the way.

You MUST sign up on HashRego to attend Thursday’s trail. A pack of 38 will gather for trail with a live, socially distant circle.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday, April 1, 2021. Pack away at 7:15 PM!

Where: Dupont Circle

D’erections: Exit the station from either side and proceed to the fountain in the center of the circle

Nearest Capital Bike Share: 20th & O St NW

Hares: Poon-apple Juice & Schrodinger’s Cock

Runners: 3.5 mi. first half / 1.5 second half
–       Shiggy level .69 (C’mon, it’s Dupont…) – Dog Friendly
Walkers: 1.25 mi. first half / 0.75 second half

Miscellaneous Crap:  Trail is A to A’. Bring your cranium lamps and your umbrella. It should be a nice night to scrub-a-dub. Be smart, have fun. Sign up on Hash Rego is Required!

More Announcements!

  • Please help keep the literal wheels of the hash spinning! Email the Brewmeister at ewh3brewmeister@gmail.com to earn the noble badge of Brew Crew! Open dates cumming up!
  • We need hares, whether you’re a first-time hare or an old (floury) hand that can train them. Email ewh3harerazor@gmail.com!
  • EWH3 is looking to add another scribe to their lineup! Think you’ve got what it takes? Email the GMs at EWH3GMs@gmail.com for more information!

EWH3 Brew Crew! 

Brew Crew will be available to serve you a limited number of libations (and bottled water) at both beer check and end. To ensure that this is done safely, we require the following:

  • Sanitize your hands before approaching the Brew Crew station. Hand sanitizer will be provided. 
  • You must also wear a mask when interacting with Brew Crew (Brew Crew is required to wear a mask at all times)
  • Trails will be cans-only. (Brew Crew will only purchase enough cans for rego’d hashers, so be sure to sign up!)
  • Do not reach for a beer! Brew Crew will hand your beer to you by placing it down on a table bench. 
  • You must pour your beer into a vessel before leaving the crew station. 

Remember that your Crew are volunteers, offering their time, vehicle, and exposure to make the hash possible. Show them the love they deserve! There will be no bag van or snacks provided… YET. Stay tuned as we work on ways to re-introduce these aspects safely.

COVID INFO (Help keep your kennel and community safe!) 

  1. Did you know you can pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine? DC residents can register by visiting vaccinate.dc.gov and clicking on “Get Pre-Registered Now.”
  2. DC has a free COVID-19 exposure tracking app! Visit the DC CAN page for more information on how to activate the DC CAN system on your mobile device.
  3. As we navigate hashing during this time, please take a moment to review Everyday is Wednesday’s updated COVID-19 guide here.
  4. Check DC’s COVID-19 website for informative, local, specific information. 
  5. For information about where to get tested check the DC testing page. If you test positive for COVID-19, please provide the following information to contact tracers and contact the GMs immediately: Sasha – ‪(202) 813-0689

Did you really cum all the way here for this? Sign up to receive trail announcements directly to your inbox by emailing ewh3harerazor@gmail.com!