When: 6:45 PM Thursday, April 15, 2021. Pack away at 7:15 PM!

Where: Fort Totten Metro (Red and Green Lines) – Follow marks to start. NOTE: Start is in Fort Totten Park itself. See here.

D’erections: From the entrance to the metro, turn left. Follow the sidewalk to the pathway that cuts across the grass. Turn left on the path. Turn left on Fort Totten Drive. Turn left into the park at the first grassy open area.

Nearest Capital Bike Share: Fort Totten Metro (1st Pl. NE & Galloway St. NE), or New Hampshire Ave NW & Gallatin St. NW (both are equidistant to start).

Hares: Head Injury and a surprise!

Trail 4/15

Only three things are certain in life. Death, taxes, and EWH3 will hash no matter what the weather is. Speaking of this weather… we gave to violate the Cumburglar for how cold it is in April.

GPS and [ PITA] are being violated for being completely insensitive to the ongoing tension in this country and wearing RACEIST insignias!

The GPS award for FRB who solves checks and doesnt tell anyone goes to… GPS!

90210Ho almost left his phone and keys at beer check, then gave Lickthyologist his number so she could call the phone. 9021Hp, you DO realize you’re going to get drunk texts from her now, right?

Dial F is being commended for voicing his desire to get his butt touched in the dark.

GtD is being commended for how well her non liquid portfolio is doing right now. Shes got them appreciating assets

23 In Me was overheard saying “I hear you have the best sex when you’re on meth.” She then tried to convince me that she said “math” not “meth.” Trust me, I was doing a LOT of math in high school and college, and I didnt get laid for SHIT!!