Trail 1241: The Watergate Anniversary Hash Trash

Trail: The Watergate Scandal and History Trail! 

When: Thursday, June 17, 2021

Where: Foggy Bottom Metro 

Visitors: Just Doug, Bear Fucker, and Sucka-Lotta-Cockus

Virgins: Just Brady

Hares: Bow Chicka Bow Bow, Papal Smear, Special Red

We had visitors! We had a VIRGIN! (Squee.) Nature is healing and the hash is kind of getting back to normal. Feels good! You know what else feels good? THE HARES. I found out last week that Bow’s name auto corrects in my phone as “Bow Chicka Now Now!” and I am here for it. They strolled us through the watergate hotel and along some of the seedier places and alleys associated with our fine city. Lest we forget! For every political hero… there are at least 11 dirtbags. With that, we called the hares in for their first violation.

son of a bitch berlin GIF by Team Coco

Bless Me Father for I have Rimmed was violated for pretending not to solve a tit check… she ran back…. She ran forth… she waggled that cute butt of hers and the pack sat and waited patiently. Until they didn’t.  Thanks for the strut, Rimmie! But we’ll stare at your booty regardless. *wink*

Turkey Twat was violated for falsely accusing the scribe of meeting her on Tinder after she inquired where she’d seen his face before. Honey! My tinder has been dormant FOR A MINUTE. But thank you. 

Just Haley was called out for being suuuuper late to beer check. Apparently some tourists demanded puppy pets… Just Bow and Just Wow were happy to oblige but she apparently doesn’t know that puppy piles are for after hours. Grrrrl. 

Hot Mess Yes GIF by Bounce

Speaking of animals on trail… holy MOOSE KNUCKLE batman. No, not that Moose Knuckle, (miss ya, bud!), the hot ass bulges we were treated to on trail! H/t to Poon Apple for supplying the rompers… Cumendation to Shetland Blow Me and AARPenis for being too hot to trot last week. 

The Hares were violated a few more times… it was Papal’s last trail with us for a while (Go visit him and run with Aloha H3- you won’t regret it.) and Bear Fucker and Just Doug’s identities were confused during end circle over an alcohol abuse accusation… Why were you pouring your beers out on the grass?? Don’t you know we have gotten buckets of rain lately? Oh, right, visitors… 

drunk the rock GIF by ALL SEEING EYES

Finally, some hashers were overheard being all whiney and complain-y towards the end of circle when violations were opened up to the crowd….and all Cum Burlger could really do was banish everyone to the on-after where more shenanigans may or may not have transpired. This scribe doesn’t sub and tell.

Bondage GIF by memecandy

On-Happy Pride Month-On,

s/Kooter Kunte