EWH3 #1265: The Turkey Day Trail! – 11 AM Thursday, November 25 – Rosslyn Metro (Blue, Orange, & Silver Lines)

As the CDC and DC Health continue to update and revise guidelines, Mismanagement is working to determine how the hash fits into these recommendations. For this reason, masks are optional for fully vaccinated individuals. Vessels are still required for everyone. 


For the 18th time, yes, you read that right, the 18th time, your hares, Please Step Away from the Whores, Purple Peter Eater, and Areola Borealis present for you the Turkey Day Hash. The hash where we run just enough to burn off the calories in a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy. (Or is this the year the hares make good on their threats, get their acts together, and lay an actual trail?) This is a trail to get together with your chosen family before heading off to whatever hell your actual family Thanksgiving dinner is. PLEASE NOTE THE EARLY START TIME OF 11 A.M.


When: 11 A.M. Thursday, November 25, 2021. Pack away at 11:15 A.M.!

Where: Rosslyn Metro – exit on the east side, Moore St

Nearest Capital Bike Share: Lynn St & 19th St North

Hares: Please Step Away from the Whores, Purple Peter Eater, Areola Borealis

Trail Details:
– Runners: Maybe .5 mi. first half / Maybe .5 mi. second half
– Walkers: Like, 500 yards, maybe?
– Shiggy: Uh, no.
One shot check. Dog friendly, stroller friendly, everyone friendly.

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A. Bring your own vessel, a cranium light, and a full water bottle. Sign up on Hash Rego is Required! Be smart, have fun. One shot check.

End Metro:
Last Trains Out: If you’re still at the hash when the metro stops running that is on you. We start at 11 A.M. you animals

On After: Top of the parking garage until we run out of booze.
Specials: This whole trail is a special.

Mismanagement Sign-Ups

  • Want to help keep the hash running (and drinking)? We are still looking for a few good hashers to help (mis)manage this funny social club. Email ewh3gms@gmail.com to get things rolling. 

Give Back to the Hash!  

  • BREW CREW! Do you enjoy those beverages on trail? Brews require brew crews! Email ewh3brewmeister@gmail.com to keep the hash alive. See the EWH3 calendar for dates.
  • ADOPT A METRO! Love to explore? We need hashers to walk/jog/bike/drive to potential Beverage Checks and On-Ins and check them out. Email ewh3harerazor@gmail.com

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