EWH3 TRASH #1292 – The Kingman Park Trail

When: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Where: Stadium-Armory (Orange/Blue/Silver)
Hares: Maybe It’s Gaybelline, Mouthful of Clam, Boom! Goes the Vaginamite, Just Hannah
Virgins: Just Pete, Just Grant
Visitors/Long Time No See’ums: Vagina is for Lawyers, Cocko Bell Grande, Bulletproof Boobs, Tuneless, Lick James Bitch

Humpty Dumpty woke up on Thursday

Humpty Dumpty found a trail to lay

And all of the Kingsman hashers

And the Kingsman RA

Violated them badly

So they down-downed all day


London Bitches Going Down was searching for a bear to replace his honey.

Boom Goes the Vaginamite channeled his inner Amber Heard, backpedaling through most of walkers’ trail.

Special Red was caught gate keeping environmental activism.

Just Bodhi peed on a friend and #SquadHoles recounted the story in Pig Latin.

Screaming Pussy yelled out the wrong name.

We saw the longest naturally occurring Virgin Centipede known to DC.

And Special Red’s virgin gangbang was a rousing success.

It was a long night with no namees in sight, so we departed for Biergarten House, where your scribe dropped a chicken wing on her foot.

On – What a Saucy Trail – On

Poon-apple Juice