EWH3 1355: The We Ain’t Retiring Yet! Trail, May 25, 2023, Ballston (Orange/Silver)

Time for a throwback to old-school EWH3, with wet shoes, flash(!)lights, shot checks, and a bit more mileage, like we used to do (Uphill! Both ways! Through 10 ft of snow! In the blazing heat! Chased by dragons!). Your veteran hares have dug deep into what archives we haven’t forgotten to bring you a classic – nay, timeless! – romp through [somewhere other than downtown] to stoke nostalgia among our fellow oldies and wonder amongst the whipper-snappers. Yes, Virginia, there really are EWH3 trails outside the District!

YOU MUST SIGN UP AND PAY VIA HASH REGO IF PAYING BY CARD: https://hashrego.com/events/ewh3-1355.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday, May 25, 2023. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Where: Ballston Metro, follow marks to start

Nearest Capital Bike Share: Stuart St & 9th St N

Hares: Pinocchi-Ho; All Flash, No Drive; Spit ‘N’ Spin; Shetland Blow Me; Mambo Number Hives; and Atari 6900

Trail Details:
– Runners: 3.4 mi. first half / 2.5 mi. second half

– Walkers: 1.7 mi first half / 1.1 mi. second half

– Shiggy: 3.69

Miscellaneous Crap:
Trail is A to A’ (0.4 mi to Ballston Metro). Bring your own vessel, a cranium light, dry shoes, bug spray, and a full water bottle. Sign up on Hash Rego is required if paying by card! Be smart, have fun.

End Metro:

Last Trains Out:

Downtown Largo (SV) – 11:45 PM
Ashburn (SV) – 12:12 AM
New Carrolton (OR) – 11:35 PM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU (OR) – 12:20 AM

On After*: CarPool

Specials: TBD

*On Afters are an unofficial hash adjacent event. Please use your best adult judgment to decide about your participation.