EWH3 #1373 – Singing Down (Down) The House – August 31, 2023 – Sudhouse (U St – Green Line)

Why rush into a holiday weekend when you can leisurely stroll? Everyone was too busy and/or lazy and/or drunk to plan and trail so we get something even better….

Choir Practice!

Join us at Sudhouse as we join in lively renditions of our favorite songs – new and old. Be sure to brush up on our Hash Hymnal! Have a song you want to lead? Add the lyrics to this shared Google Doc so everyone can sing along.
This event will be “pay your own way” with a $1 hash cash (for those of you who care actually about trail credit) payable in cash only at the bar. Start a tab, drink up, and tip your bartenders! We will have an extended happy hour featuring $3 cans, $4 shots, and food specials, too. 

When: 6:45 PM Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Where: Sudhouse (U St / African-American Civil War Memorial / Cardoza – Green) 1340 U St NW

Nearest Capital Bike Share: 13th St & U St NW 

Miscellaneous Crap: This is not a trail. We will be drinking, singing, and having fun, but you won’t leave the bar until you decide you’re done. Feeling like a racist? Make your own trail by r*nning to the bar. 

Last Trains Out:

Branch Ave: 11:46pm
Fort Totten: 12:22am