EWH3 #1375: It is 5 O’Croc Somewhere Trail!, September 14, 2023, Potomac Avenue Metro (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines)

“If there’s heaven for me, I’m sure there will be (beer) attached.”

-Jimmy Buffett (or something like that)

Come one, come all! Whether you’re a first time hasher or the Oldest Surfer On The Beach. Show up wearing your best Margaritaville-themed attire and with your Crocs On (clap clap) as we celebrate Coco’s 1 year hash-iversary while we honor Jimmy Buffet and his justifications for why we can drink anytime, anywhere. We’ll be Changing Latitudes and Attitudes, but it won’t be any Trip Around The Sun, because after all, Life is Just a Tire Swing. Let’s Grow Older, Not Up, because Come Monday, we all have to turn back into The People Our Parents Warned Us About.


When: 6:45 PM Thursday, September 14, 2023. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Where: Potomac Avenue Metro (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines)! Follow marks to start!

Nearest Capital Bike Share: Potomac Ave. SE and Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Hares: Crocs On Crocs Off, Tumey McBoatface, Just Aidan, Devil Went Down On Georgia, Lil P

Trail Details:
– Runners: 1.8 mi. first half / 2.4 mi. second half

– Walkers: 1.1 mi first half / 1.3 mi second half

– Shiggy: 0.69

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A’ (0.5 mi to Potomac Ave. Metro). Bring your own vessel, a cranium light, dry shoes, bug spray, and a full water bottle. Sign up on Hash Rego is required if paying by card! Be smart, have fun.

End Metro: Eastern Market

Last Trains Out:

New Carrollton (Orange): 12:18 AM

Vienna/Fairfax-GMU (Orange): 11:39 PM

Ashburn (Silver): 11:52 PM

Downtown Largo (Silver): 11:55 PM

Downtown Largo (Blue): 11:59 PM

Franconia-Springfield (Blue): 11:52 PM

On After*: The Brig

1001 8th St. SE

Specials: You are special.

*On Afters are an unofficial hash adjacent event. Please use your best adult judgment to decide about your participation.