EWH3 #1388 – The Barrel of Monkeys Trail, December 14, 2023, Lyman’s Tavern (Georgia Ave/Petworth, Yellow/Green Line)

Did you know Half the 262 species of monkeys in the world are threatened with extinction? Fifty-eight of the threatened species live in South and Central America, 46 in Asia and 26 in Africa. Of these, 24 monkeys are critically endangered, with an extremely high chance of soon becoming extinct in the wild. 

On December 14, celebrate National Monkey Day and honor our primate ancestors by engaging in some glorified monkey business. We’ll monkey around Petworth in search of shots, before returning to Lyman’s tavern for a barrel of fun!

* Everyday is Wednesday is not responsible for any injuries incurred due to errant banana peels.  

SIGN UP ON HASHREGO IF PAYING BY CARD: https://hashrego.com/events/ewh3-1388

When: 6:45 PM Thursday, December 14, 2023. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Where: Lyman’s Tavern – 3720 14th St NW (Closest metro – Georgia Ave/Petworth)

Nearest Capital Bike Share: 14th St & Spring Road NW

Hares: Poon-apple Juice, Head Injury, Vagina is for Lawyers, Roose Rips, Close Encounters of the Turd Kind

Trail Details:
– Runners: 1.1 mi. first half / 1.3 mi. second half
– Walkers: 0.45 first half / 0.6 mi. second half
– Shiggy: .69

Bag drop at Lyman’s will start at 6:45, with opening circle out front promptly at 7:10. Someone will be appointed to stay with the bags, in lieu of a bag van.There will be no real beer check for this trail! Halves are separated by a shot check, however walkers will wait for runners who wish to switch to walkers’ trail. 

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A (bar to bar). Bring your ID, a cranium light, and a sense of humor. Be smart, have fun.

End Metro: Georgia Ave/Petworth
Last Trains Out:
Green Line to Greenbelt: 12:26am
Green Line to Branch Avenue: 11:43pm

On After: Lyman’s Tavern
Specials: It’s also end circle.. and start