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EWH3 #1374: 80s Babies 10th Hash Analversary Trail, September 7, 2023, Gallery Place/ Chinatown (Yellow/Green Line)

*********** A decade ago, on a warm moist September evening, Hurricane Cuntrina introduced her virgin, then “Just Nikki”, to hashing. The shenanigans began with an Anything but Clothes trail, progressed to twinkle juice and a naming, and the evening concluded with epic karaoke at Recessions. This week, Lickthyologist and a crew of 80s baby hares […]


EWH3 Pub Crawl 2023 : The Eras Tour

We’re enchanted to announce our next Pub Crawl: EDUB | The Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of our drinking career (past and present!) The first leg of the tour will be in beer gardens across NOMA, with international dates to be announced as soon as we can! Feeling like the luckiest hasher […]

EWH3 #1153: Anal Marine Corps and La Gingeracha Birthday Trail – 6:45 PM THURSDAY, November 7th – Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines)

I. Situation 244th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps, 35th Birthday of La Gingeracha, and a remarkable new addition to the illustrious lore of our beloved Corps: Elizabeth Warren apparently fucked a 24-year-old Marine so hard she broke him. Don’t believe us? It’s true: https://youtu.be/SoRc298lahI?t=136 and https://www.thecut.com/2019/10/jacob-wohl-smear-attempt-just-makes-elizabeth-warren-seem-cool.html II. Mission Drink and be merry in honor of our […]


Another year older, none the wise. Cum join Schrödinger’s Cock as he attempts to thwart the gods of aging by dressing as another hasher’s name. Dress like a hare for a super special shot check opportunity! Like Nicholas Cage (or John Travolta? Still not sure..), it’s time for a face… off! Need some inspiration? Check […]