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EWH3 #1419: Pride Trail! June 13th, 2024, Dupont Circle (Red Line)

As many of you have noticed, Hash Rego is down. While we hope this is temporary, MM wanted to update you with rego-ing options for tonights trail. Option One – Pay $10 cash at start Option Two – Pay with credit/debit via Paypal here. In either case, please check in with the hash cashes upon […]

EWH3 #1414: Tin Foil Hat Trail, May 9, 2024, Huntington (Yellow Line)

Was the moon landing faked? Did Paul McCartney die back in 1966? What’s the deal with Area 51?  Was the JFK assassination an inside job? Is the earth really flat? What’s really stored at Fort Knox? The list of things the government is lying to us about is, quite possibly, endless. Or maybe it doesn’t […]