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EWH3 #1169: The Emphasis is on the 69 – 6:45 PMThursday, February 20th – Deanwood (Orange Line)

Even been psychoanalyzed while on trail? Suffer from parapraxis during on-afters? Or just really interested in the human’s largest sex organ – the Human Brain? Then join Atari, LCMHC, and friends for a psychological journey through Freud’s theory of Hashers’ psychosexual development! Oral Stage: 1st trail to 17th, the main focus is pleasure-seeking through the […]

EWH3 #1168: The 2nd Anal Tunnels of Love – 6:45 PM Thursday, February 13th – Pentagon City (Blue/Yellow Lines)

Who’s single? Who’s taken? Who’s just up for some Netflix & Chill? Who wants to tell their significant other to be on their toes because things are complicated? Well now we’ll know! Rock your availability color(s) in this special Valentine’s Day take on a stoplight trail! Green – SIIIINNNNGGGGLLEEE!! Yellow – I could be down, […]

EWH3 #1164: Waterworld, with Incumming MisManagement – 6:45 PM Thursday, January 16th – Shaw/Howard University (Green/Yellow)

Last week you kissed Outgoing MisMan goodbye with the trying trails of Mad Max Madness – this week, get wet with your new MM in Waterworld! Get ready to worship your drunken sailors of the Exxon Valdez,   find out your crush has gills,  ​and drink mysterious yellow liquid. When: 6:45 PM, Thursday January 16, 2020. Pack […]

EWH3 #1162: The Fury Road: I Hash, I Drink, I Hash Again Trail! – January 9, 2020 – Georgia Ave./Petworth Station (Green/Yellow)

Hash the Wasteland! You’re either a feral bloodbag… An Imperator gone rogue for a past that no longer exists… Or Warboys, driving the Road to Valhalla on SUCH A LOVELY DAY! Have some precious Aguacola and seek either the approval or destruction of Immortan Joe! WITNESS ME! When: 6:45 circle up, Pack away 7:15! Where: […]

EWH3 #1161: The Fourth Running of the Snuggie Trail! – 6:45 PM Thursday, January 2nd – Gallery Place-Chinatown (Green/Yellow/Red Lines)

Welcome to the non-holiday side of winter. Find you blankets, snuggies, and onesies (which should be close at hand for AGM!) to help you deal with your holiday hangovers! When: 6:45 PM Thursday January 2nd, 2019. Pack away at 7:15! Where:  Gallery Place – Chinatown (Green / Red / Yellow) Hares: GeriatricMandering; Colliteral Damage; Split Her Bare; Honey […]