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Hash Trash: EWH3 #537: Dominatrix Hash

Hares:  Cute Lesbian In Training, Tar Squeal, Red Vag of Courage, Sphincter Shy, Gaystation, Pittsburgh Kneeler, Fluffer No Butther Brew Crew:  Fucks Up Doc?, Buttfuck Norris Virgins: Justs Kristen, William, Andrew, Philip, Scott , Tamara, Christa, Allison, Natalie, Marie, Emily, Luis, Ashton, Erica, David, David, Jenny, Anicero, Carla, Laura, Rebecca, Mike, Elizabeth, Winnie, Dan, Trish, […]

Hash Trash: EWH3 #536: Tour Duh Hash

Hares: Edgar Allan Ho, Blows a Tranny, Obeastiologist, Put It Out and Mannipple Lickter Brew Crew: Saskatchewsnatch and George StuffedAnOctopus Virgins: Just Jaime, Andy, Sharon, Jenn, Nisha, Heather, Kendra, Laurie, Erin, Emily, Brian, Ro, Julie, Paul, Kelsey, Jenn, Jason, Ainsly, Hume Visitors:  eXplodes On iMpact (MemphisH3), Cork Sucker (Puget Sound H3), Banana Hamock (Austin H3), […]

Hash Trash: EWH3 #535: Navy Yard

Hares:  Me Likee-Lickee-Caca, Tit-Ka-Boob, WOWO, Underground Railroad and Mellow Foreskin Cheese Brew Crew:  Chicken Phucker, Just May Virgins: Justs Jessica, Christian, David, Tim, Mark, Al, Rebecca, Leah, Sam, Sarah, Desirae, and Brett Visitors:  Bang Me, Blow Me, Make Me Cum (Thirstday—Chicago), Just Wendell (Dayton or Smutty Crab) Ononon:  American Legion The pack started out by […]

Hash Trash: EWH3 #533: Rhode Island Avenue

Hares: Assflac, Cock-a-Doodle-do-Me, Chippen Fails, Hair Cuntery, Shamrock Your Cock Brew Crew: Incredible Edible Schmegg, Slumcock Anywhere Virgins: Justs Jeannette, Jen, Ben, Masi, Nick, Derek, Christy, Richard, Matt, and Adam Visitors: None were stupid enough to show up for this trail. Analversaries: 17—Gerry Ass Tricks; 200—Shamrock Your Cock Ononon: Library Bar The pack, including but not limited […]

Hash Trash: EWH3 #531: “Everyone Needs a Quickie” Trail!

Hares: Fucks Up, Doc?, Low Pressure Front, Just May and Just Jonathan Brew Crew: Red Vag of Courage, Sphincter Shy Virgins: Just Radha, Jordan, Michael, Sam, Ben, Mason, Joel, Liz, Kate, Vickie, April, Rachel, Chris, Eddie, Melody, Tom, Jenny, Laura, Nate, Jill, Abby and Thomas Visitors: Rumple Foreskin (Stuttgart) and Bitch On Bitch On Bitch […]