• Qualification for membership.  Membership is open to any individual aged 21 or older.
  • Guests.  Individuals who are not 21 or older may attend with the permission of MisManagement, provided they are brought by a Member. In general, guests under ten may attend without prior permission, however, Members wishing to bring guests aged ten or over should request permission by contacting the General Managers.  Members who bring guests are solely responsible for their guest’s conduct and are advised certain activities are not suitable for children.

Standards of Conduct.

  • In general.  EWH3 strives to make all of its activities safe and welcoming. As a result, Members must adhere to the Standards of Conduct.
  • Photography by Members.  Members are not permitted to take photographs or video recordings during activities of the Corporation.
  • Official photographs.  The Hash Flash or his or her designee is the only individual permitted to take photographs. Official Photographs taken by the Hash Flash will be posted on the website.
  • Use of photographs. Members may not use official photographs on any personal websites, social media sites, or otherwise, without the prior consent of MisManagement and any individual in the photographs.  
  • Alcohol.  Members who choose to drink alcohol are encouraged to drink in moderation.
  • Safety. Members should conduct themselves in a safe manner during all activities.
  • Nondiscrimination.  Discrimination against any individual based on that individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation or identity, religion, creed, or national origin is prohibited.
  • Harassment.  Harassment, whether sexual or otherwise, is prohibited.
  • Violence.  Physical violence and fighting are prohibited.
  • Illegal drugs.  Illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Weapons.  Weapons are prohibited.
  • Fundraising. Members are prohibited from soliciting contributions to charity or for other personal causes.  
  • Should a Member violate any Standards of Conduct, the Member may be suspended or removed.

Eligibility for MisManagement

In order for a Member to be eligible for MisManagement, the Member must indicate interest and:

  • Have been a Member for at least six months;
  • Have participated at least 18 times within the twelve months (approval may be sought if Member has joined within the year);
  • Have been in good standing for all of the prior twelve months, or the entirety of the Member’s membership, whichever is less.