EWH3 #596: TourDuhHash Leg 7 – “The Hash Set Me Up” Trail – Thursday, June 17, 2010
Where: Anacostia Metro – Gaga-Green Line (yes, I’m obsessed with her, deal with it). Follow marks to the start or just look for the “lost” white people.
When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, June 17, 2010. Pack away at 7:15ish. 
Hares: MotorMouth, JackOffLantern, Just Chris
Misc: A-“Z” –
A note from your token nonblack guy: the OnOnOn is about 10 blocks from the start, and the neighborhood “changes at night.”  Please be safe and walk with a buddy (or 12).  BUT those who stay for the Circle and the OnOnOn bar are in for a TREAT!  Runners and walkers trail will be dog friendly.  Runner trail will NOT be stroller friendly at all.  Bring dry shoes, a canoe, repelling gear and a shank.
The Player’s Lounge (Georgina’s)
2737 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Southeast
Washington, DC 20032-2608
(202) 574-1331
Specials:  Possible guest appearance by a local celebrity…along with an entourage of crack whores! Hooray.
DC Area Upcumming Hash Events:
1) Red Dress Run Registration Open! Over 200 signed up so far, don’t be left out!
2) 14th annual Tubing in the Shenandoah (T.I.T.S.) Weekend
3) EWH3 Red Line PUBCRAWL – July 10th. SAVE THE DATE. Talk to Cock-A-Doodle-Do-Me about shirts!!!
4) White House Hash Wild Wild West Camping and Tubbing  Trip
July 23-25, 2010, Bentonville, VA 
7) SAVE THE DATE – Beer Mile – August 13th
8)17th Annual Beerly Legal Virginia Interhash
August 20-22, 2010, Chesapeake, VA
Rego: $60

Where: Van Ness – UDC – Linea roja. Follow marks to the start and looks for the group of guys who looks like child molestors and the chicks who might possibly have dicks.
When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, May 6, 2010. Pack away at 7:15ish. 
Hares: Hungry Hungry Homo, T!ts for Tots, Konichi [email protected], Just Lauren, y possible Mystery Hare
Misc: A-B…Tough dog friendly…”small dogs may drown.” Headlamps and a change of dry shoes are suggested. Possible/probable PI. Grow a mustache. Wear a fake mustache. Draw on a mustache. Who cares…but downing ta-kill-ya is so much classier with a fuzzy worm on your upper lip. 

4515 Wicsonsin Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC
Specials: $5 margaritas, vino, y cervezas. And possible food specials.

EWH3 Hash #554: the “Rave” hash

Where: Bethesda Metro.  Up the escalators and look for chalk.

When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, October 22nd. Pack away at 7:15, if we’re lucky.

Hares: Unobtainium, Obeastiologist, Bitch on Bitch on Bitch, I Manual Cunt, and a Just Vicki who may or may not be Swing Cycle because the hares didn’t specify and I don’t care enough to ask.

Misc: A-A’, no PI, bring dry shoes and a headlamp.  No, seriously, bring a headlamp.  What was with all you people who went on the ballbuster without a headlamp, even after I sent out a special email just for you people saying, “Bring a headlamp”?  If you can’t be bothered to bring a headlamp, I can’t be bothered to call the hospital when you fall down and break an ankle because you didn’t bring a headlamp.  HEADLAMP.

OnOnOn: Tommy Joes
4714 Montgomery Ln
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 654-3801

EWH3 Hash #: 5-fitty-1

Where: Cleveland Park Metro. Follow Chalk marks on the ground and look for a bunch of people wearing funny clothes standing around like they don’t belong there.
When: 6:45 PM, Thursday, October 1st. Pack away at 7:15, if we’re lucky.
Hares: Fucks Up Doc?, Butt Fuck Norris, Have Fun Stormin the Asshole and a Mystery Hare (a real mystery hare *note – god knows what that is?*)
Misc: A to A. Start will be next to California Tortilla. No PI. Dog Friendly. Headlamps would be “helpful” (according to the hares).
It’s officially Fall people, so start bringing warmer clothes and headlamps. Unless of course you enjoy being cold and in the dark alone.
            Nanny O’Brien’s
            3319 Connecticut Ave NW
            Washington, DC 20008-1302
            (202) 686-9189
Specials: $3 Miller Lites, $4 Sierra Nevadas and possibly more drink and food specials if you flirt with the bartender enough.