COVID-19 Update

As key coronavirus metrics in the DC area improve, we’re excited to announce an option for live / in-person trails, and the phased resumption of normal EWH3 trails.These plans are based on the DC Mayor’s order and DC Department of Health’s criteria for reopening businesses, and are subject to change. While we would like to just return to normal right away, we have a responsibility to our members and to the kennel; please respect these rules, which keep our pack safe and our organization compliant with local ordinances.

Stage One – Virtual Only Trails

This is where we were at for 15 weeks (!!) between our 16 March trail and June 18th trail.We will revert to Stage 1 if DC DOH/Mayor’s Office return DC to Phase 1 restrictions.

EWH3 will hold virtual trails and circles only.

Stage Two – Option for Limited Live Trails

Effective 22 June, as DC enters Phase Two

 This phase institutes a three prong approach, giving each member the opportunity to participate at their own comfort level while still following district guidelines. The options will be as follows:

  1. Virtual Trails
    The virtual trails will remain open with the option to post a photo to the Google Photos album to receive trail credit. We will continue to hold a virtual circle at 7:00 PM on Thursdays. 
  2. Dead Laid Trails
    In addition, there will be a “dead laid” trail starting from a specified location. Members may run this trail at any time up until 5:00 PM on Thursday and post a photo as specified in the trail announcement. You are welcome to join together at the virtual circle. 
  3. Live Trails
    • We will be offering two time slots for running trail together. 
    • In accordance with the DC Phase Two guidelines, these groups will be limited to 25 people and will require registration via Hash Rego. 
    • These trails will be BYOB, with no beer, food, or bag van provided. 
    • The first group will depart at 5:30 and will run trail without marking checks. 
    • The second group will depart at 7:00 and will end with a small socially distant circle. Masks will be required at beer check and end circle except when drinking.
    • There will be no walkers pack option at this time, so anyone who wishes to walk trail must do so prior in the day or figure out timing to get to beer check and/or end. 

Stage Three – Expanded Live Trails

To begin when we have proven successful implementation of Hash Stage Two, and DC remains in Phase Two, for at least two weeks (trails).

This phase will introduce a walker’s trail option, a third live pack, an increase in pack size to 35, and/or a bag van.

Stage Four

To begin when DC enters Phase Three of Reopening.

The details of this stage and the necessary steps and precautions are in development.

We are confident that this plan is attainable and sustainable and hope that each member of Everyday is Wednesday is able to participate in our antics at their own comfort and ability levels. If you have any questions about the proposed plan, please reach out to the GMs at [email protected].