Hello wankers!

EWH3 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 is a 70s Porn Party! Dig deep into your closets and break out those go-go boots and the Sony Videocamera.

In addition to food and drinks. This party will have everything your parents’ sketchy key parties didn’t:

  • Giveaways
  • Dancing
  • 2017 MisManagement Announcements
  • Awards! In addition to the traditional awards, we have been keeping track and will give awards to the Cherry Pied Piper – the person who brought the most virgins – and Hash Daddy/Mom – the person who named the most wankers.

What: EWH3 2017 AGM!
Theme: 70s Porn Party
When: January 14th
Where: Hamilton’s Bar and Grill (not the fancy concert hall on 14th ST NW, the cool divey place in an alley that people charitably call 2nd ST NW)
Time: 8 pm to midnight
Price: $25 until January 13th. $30 at the door

Registrations closed! See you and your extra $5 at the door, chump.

On! Lava Lamps! On!
The AGM Committee


Who’s Cumming (FINAL Preregister)

1 if by Man, 2 if by She
All Flash!
Around the world in 80 lays
Atari 6900
Blow Me Closer, Tiny Dancer
Bow Chicka Bow Bow
Brokeback Mama
By the Power of Gayskull
Cheech & Dong
Chicken soup 4 the teenage hole
Chip off the old cock
Colliteral Damage
Connect Whore
CoXXX on Demand
Cum Dumpling
Deathly Swallows
Dial F
Diddle Her on the Roofie
Dude, That Guy
dwarfus interruptus +1
Fail Her Poon
Fish N Tits
Fist Pump
Floral Sex
Free Little Willy
General Tso’s Dickin
Geriatric Mandering
Glitty Clitty Gang Bang
Greatest Ho On Earth
Happy Poo Year
Head Injury
Homo On The Range
Honeynut Queerios
How I Met My Brother
Hungry Hungry Homo
Just Brian
Just Cara
Just Jai
Just Kaz
Just Sean
Just Steph
Keebler Shelf
Kindergarten Cock
La Gingeracha
Liquor Box
Mambo # Hives
Maybe Its Gaybelline
Mouthful of Clam
No Strings Attached
Pee It Forward
Penis Fly Trap
Periodic Fable
Polly Wanna Crack Whore
Pooples Mountain Majesty
Poops I Did It Again
Prince Charmin
Quantum Whizics
Raider of the Lost Box
Read Between the Slime
Rear Protein Injection
Rosetta Bone
Salem Clit Trials
Schrodinger’s Cock
Seven Queer Stitch
Shetland Blow Me
Silver Spooge
Sir Lancelittle
Snap Crackle Poop
Sphincter Shy
Spread for the City
Stain Gretzky
Texas Hold Him
The Hair Up There
The Lying, the Bitch, and the Whoredrobe
Third Girl Problems
Tuck Tuck Deuce
Tumble Cry
Turning Trixxx is for Kids
Twater Boarding
Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock
Uno, Dos, Tres… LIFTOFF!
Vaginal Countdown
Vladimir Fruitin
Wait Wait, Don’t Fuck
Wank Like An Egyptian
White Girl Wasted
Whoregon Trail
Yes We CAMry
You Sucked My Battledick