EHW3 Hoodies are back!

EWH3 is once again selling hoodies. These are a great idea if you like staying warm during the winter, but also want to let everyone else know how cool your hobbies are. In addition to the very popular EWH3 PBR-themed design, our amazing haberdasher has selected several on-trend seasonal colors.

Silicon Valley Fashion with EHW3 Style

Aren’t they great? The base price is $33. If you want extra pickup days or it mailed to you, those are extra.

If you want the ~*luxury*~ of a flexible pick up date, choose more than one option. Pay an extra $2 for each bonus pick up day. If you don’t select a pick up date, you’ll be getting an email. If you select multiple but pay for one, you’ll be getting an email. If you don’t respond to emails, your pick up date will be the first date listed.

If for some reason you miss your pick up date, please contact us and we’ll try to work with you. You may have to do several humiliating acts in recompense.

If you want the extravagant luxury of having your hoodie mailed to you, please pay $10 extra for shipping and handling, and then include your name and shipping address. This option is capriciously limited, order yours today.

Contact the Haberdasher to see if they ordered extra.

Here’s how you order one:

1. Down at the very bottom of this page is a form. Choose with pick up method you’d like, and a quantity. If you are ordering more than one at a time, you may run into some issues with the survey. That’s okay. We will follow up with each person to make sure you get every color and size combination you want.

2. Give money to PayPal.

3. This is a very important step! Paypal should send you back to this page, and the order menu below will instead be a survey. Fill it out with the sizing, color, and delivery options. If it doesn’t send you back, the link to fill out the survey is included in the email confirmation message from the hash (not PayPal – check your spam if you don’t see it.)

You are perfect they way God (as you recognize it) made you.







Please specify if this is a male or female size.


Only some colors of the rainbow



I'm late for a very important date!



Email Address Include your contact email address. This costs nothing extra, and helps us make sure you get what you paid for. What value!

Once you fill out the survey, press the “submit” button.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email . Someone will get to you eventually. And the answer may even be helpful. (No guarantees).

Choose your hoodie package below. Again, once you pay, you will be sent back to this page and the order window will be replaced by the survey to choose your size, color, etc.

Contact the Haberdasher to see if they ordered extra.

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