Current Run Counts as of January 27th, 2023.

Keeping run counts updated is a constant work in progress. If your count is incorrect, you can email Hash Cash… but don’t be a dick about it.

Hash Cash FAQs:

Q: Which count does Jubilee use?

A: Jubilee uses the “hash count”.  The “run count” doesn’t include times you hared or brew crewed.

Q: I am a Just.  Is there a place online where I can view my run counts?

A: No. Hash Cash is lazy, and beautiful and can’t be bothered to put Just’s run counts online.  You can ask Hash Cash at hash and he will be happy to tell you your number.

Q: Can I pay my Hash Cash in coins?

A: No.  You are a terrible human being.

Q: What about dollar coins?  That’s not the same thing, right?

A: No, I do not want your dollar coins.  This isn’t Canada.

Hash NameTotal Hash CountTotal Run CountTotal Hare CountTotal Brew Crew
... and Throbbin'0000
21 Gum Salute0000
23 in Me0000
6 From Behind0000
6 Pigs in a Blanket 0000
7 Shooters Up the Ass0000
A Midsemester Night's Cream0000
A Red River Runs Through It0000
A Thong of Ice and Fire0000
Agent Orgy0000
All Abscess Pass0000
All Day I Dream About Sausage0000
All Flash, No Drive0000
All I Want for Christmas Is a Tube of Meat0000
Amber Alert0000
Amerigo Vespoogie0000
Anal Fission0000
Areola Borealis0000
Around the World in 80 Lays0000
Ass Spelunker0000
Atari 6900 0000
Back Snatch0000
Basement Boy Toy0000
Bear Fucker0000
Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos… Good Times0000
Bipolar Bear0000
Bitches Give Stitches0000
Bless Me Father For I Have Rimmed0000
Blow Me Closer, Tiny Dancer0000
Body Language0000
Bondage, James Bondage0000
BOOM goes the Vaginamite0000
Bow Chic-a Bow Bow0000
Burlington Ho Factory0000
By The Power of Gayskull0000
Camo Sutra0000
Can You Rear Me Now 0000
Can't Find Pussy in a Haystack0000
Can't Get Beaver0000
Canned Pussy0000
Chale Why?0000
Chalk Girl0000
Cheech and Dong0000
Chics Ahoy! 0000
Chip Off The Old Cock0000
Choke 'Em If You Got 'Em 0000
Choke And GagHer0000
Chokes One Out0000
Clam Bam Thank You Ma'am0000
Close Encounters of the Turd Kind0000
Close Your Eyes and Hope for the Breast0000
Colliteral Damage0000
Colostomy Shag0000
CoXXX on Demand0000
Cum Dumpling0000
Cum Peg Me0000
Daddy's Dick0000
Daisy Chain0000
Deaf Lesbian0000
Deep Anal Horizon0000
Deepthroat Corndog0000
Deetz Nutz0000
Dial F for Faggot0000
Dildo Shaggins0000
Dingle All the Way0000
Do Lay Me0000
Do Until N=30000
Double Stuffed Whore-E-O0000
Dr Too Little0000
Drip Dry0000
Dry Rub0000
Dude, That Guy0000
Dwarfus Interuptus0000
Dyke Tyson0000
Easter Egg Cunt0000
Edward Sissy Hands0000
Facial Profiling0000
Fail Her Poon0000
Fast and Bicurious0000
Fight of the Bumble Tree0000
Finger Dicken Good0000
Fish n Tits0000
Flabs Not Abs0000
French Toasted0000
Fury Load0000
General Tso's Dicken0000
General's Farm Animal0000
George StuffedAnOctopus0000
Ginger Snatch0000
Ginja Ninja0000
Glue Factory Gum Job0000
Goldman Ballsachs0000
Gonna Probably Spew0000
Gotta Eat Dick0000
Grinding Nemo0000
Harem Scarem0000
Head Injury0000
Heaven's Gape0000
Helen Yeller0000
Ho Ho Ho Your Boat0000
Honey Bunches of Cunt0000
Honey Nut Queerios0000
Hurricane Cuntrina0000
I Bless the Cum Down in Africa0000
I Cum in the Land Down Under0000
I'm Big In Japan0000
Immoral Support0000
Issues and Tissues0000
It'z Not Cum, It's Ranch0000
Jackoff Lantern0000
Jeremiah Was a Cumfrog0000
Jizzdom tooth0000
Knocked Up0000
La Gingeracha0000
Late Nite Drive Thru0000
Leaning Tower of Please Ya0000
Lick James, Bitch!0000
Little Spermaid0000
London Bitches Going Down0000
Lorena Hobbit0000
Mambo # Hives0000
Manned Parenthood0000
Maybe It's Gaybelline0000
Mayor Blew Me0000
Moose Knuckles0000
Mourning Wood0000
Mouthful of Clam0000
Mr Holland's Anus0000
My Fast Little Poony0000
Nipples to Infinity0000
No Strings Attached (NSA)0000
One Hit Her Quit Her0000
One Tit Only0000
Orange is the New Snatch0000
Osama Bin Hashing0000
Otto Von Jizzmark0000
Papal Smear0000
Parks and Defecation0000
Penis Fly Trap0000
Please Step Away From the Whores0000
Poon Tang Clan0000
Poon-apple Juice0000
Preteen Protein0000
Prince Charmin0000
Prostate Rights0000
Purple Peter Eater0000
Put It Out0000
Quantum Whizics0000
Quid Pro Blow0000
Raider of the Lost Box0000
Rail Mary0000
Read Between the Slime0000
Ready Player None0000
Red Roper0000
Roll Over Bitch (ROB)0000
Rosetta Bone0000
Rotten Whore0000
School for Girls who Cant Sex Good0000
Schrodinger's Cock0000
Screaming Pussy0000
Screeching Eargasm0000
SeaBear Slayer0000
Seizure's Phallus0000
Semen on the Pew0000
Seriously 5-100000
Sexually Anxious Disease0000
Shamrock Your Cock0000
Shetland Blow-me0000
Silver Spooge 0000
Sir Lance-a-Little0000
Sir, Captain Hooker, Sir0000
SKooter Kunte0000
Slappy Ending0000
Slippery Prick0000
Slothy Seconds0000
Slurpee the Big Mouth Lass0000
Son, What the Fuck0000
Sorest Rump0000
Special Head Kid0000
Special Red0000
Sperm With Interest0000
Sphincter Shy0000
Spit 'n Spin0000
Split her Bare0000
Stain Gretzky0000
Starship in Her Thighs0000
Straight In The Navy0000
Tacos On A Bridge0000
Taco Rim Job0000
Testes Testes Testes 1230000
Texas Hold Him0000
The Cock Whisperer0000
The Cocktease Falcon0000
The Cumburglar!0000
The Defense Breasts0000
The Great White MILF0000
The Virginator0000
The Whore You Know0000
They Blow Up So Fast0000
This Little Piggy Goes To Ballsack0000
This One Time at Bland Camp0000
Throbbin Hood0000
Tie Me Up Before You Go-Go0000
Tik Tok, It's Dik O'Clock0000
Tony Panda0000
Too Easy0000
Tragic Carpet Ride0000
Trailor Swift0000
Trains, Stains, & Automobiles (TSA)0000
Trim Shady0000
Tuck Tuck Deuce0000
Turkey Twat0000
Turn the Meat Around0000
United States Possum Service (USPS)0000
Unleash the Furry 0000
Uno, Dos, Tres LIFTOFF!0000
Uppercount (Female)0000
Uppercunt (Male)0000
UrinAll the Right Places0000
Vagina is for Lawyers0000
Vincent Van Gogh Fuck Myself0000
Virgin Mobile0000
What's a Boner?0000
Who Wears Shart Sharts0000
Whoregon Trail0000
Whoriana Trench0000
Wiener Shitzel0000
Wookin Pa Nub0000
Yes We Camry0000
You Can't Handle The Poop0000
You Sucked My Battledick0000