Current Run Counts as of January 10th, 2019.  If your count is completely jacked, you can email Hash Cash. Hash Cash FAQs:

Q: Which count does Jubilee use?  A: Jubilee uses the “hash count”.  The “run count” doesn’t include times you hared or brew crewed.

Q: I am a Just.  Is there a place online where I can view my run counts?  A: No. Hash Cash is lazy, and beautiful and can’t be bothered to put Just’s run counts online.  You can ask Hash Cash at hash and he will be happy to tell you your number.

Q: Can I pay my Hash Cash in coins?   A: No.  You are a terrible human being.

Q: What about dollar coins?  That’s not the same thing, right?   A: No, I do not want your dollar coins.  This isn’t Canada.

Hash NameTotal Hash CountTotal Run CountTotal Hare CountTotal Brew Crew
1 If By Man, 2 If By She186162159
1000 Watt Twat141400
3 Holer343220
3 Licks to the Center of a Titty Pop252320
6 Pigs in a Blanket127112150
7 Lay Her Bean Dip424020
7-10 Shit474700
A Red River Run Through It3092712711
A Thong of Ice and Fire121020
Accidental Discharge5500
Agent Orgy7601
All Flash, No Drive12190310
Amber Alert181800
Amerigo Vespoogie383602
Anal Fission155143111
And How's Her Bush127109153
Anne Stank232210
Apparently Pregnant3300
Around the World in 80 Lays1059870
Ass for Clunkers333300
Assmaster 2000807730
Ass Spelunker837814
Atari 6900105681621
Baaa Ram Him5500
Back Door Steward2200
Back Snatch42241075
Bad Ditch16116010
Banana Condom3300
Barbie Cream House222200
Basement Boy Toy343400
Bear Fucker1010
Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos… Good Times3300
Benin Pulled Out787800
Betty Cocker4400
Big Bang437415220
Big Bendover209192152
Bipolar Bear716515
Bitt Romney404000
Bless Me Father For I Have Rimmed153141120
Blow Me Closer, Tiny Dancer857069
Blow Ray Me131300
Blows a Tranny2842432120
Bored of Erections313100
Bow Chic-a Bow Bow306281205
Brokeback Mama2872382029
Butt Cherry Poppins3300
By The Power of Gayskull595630
Cafe Au Laid 121020
Camo Sutra554960
Can you Rear Me Now1100
Can't Find Pussy in a Haystack5023987727
Can't Get Beaver30430211
Can't Talk with My Mouth Full7700
Canned Pussy505000
Capitol Cockshare1100
Carnie x5 Cumeleon454500
Catholick my Baaalls212001
Chafed and Confused383620
Cheech and Dong9482120
Cheese Jizz626110
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Hole212010
Chicks Ahoy!464051
Chip Off The Old Cock605370
Chokes One Out323020
Choosy Moms Choose Jizz484800
Clap for Chlamydia171700
Clitorissa Sexplains my Balls202000
Close Your Eyes and Hope for the Breast837850
Cock Whisperer363510
Colliteral Damage276245274
Colostomy Shag605910
Connect Whore10610240
Cotton Condoms1100
Cuntry Fried Semen9900
CoXXX on Demand3022563016
Cruella de Spill161600
Cum Again Alley101000
Cum Brew Lay656230
Cum Dumpling5865213134
Cum Locker534535
Cum on My Buddy434012
Cum Peg Me10510050
Cums When He Wants302811
Cums with Batteries!2200
Cutting Class1100
Daddy's Dick777520
Deaf Lesbian10510401
Deaf, Dum, and Wine6600
Deathly Swallows12611574
Declitarized Zone222200
Deep South in Your Mouth111010
Deetz Nutz816885
Dial F for Faggot386352340
Dickerfront Property1100
Dildo Shaggins264249150
Dim Suck3300
District 69292900
Do Until N=3151500
Doctor FrankNFarter1100
Don't Ask Don't Smell2502171914
Double Ohhh, Positive188168128
Double Stuffed Whore-E-O646130
Downward Facing Doggie Style221930
Dr Cockulus9900
Dr Too Little239223151
Dr Yoga Sew Ur Sak1100
Drip Dry2200
Drug Em and Plug Em1100
Duck Bill Cookiepuss111100
Dude, That Guy12598225
Dungeons and Drag Queens262600
Dwarfus Interuptus373610
Easy Bake141400
Eats Bush and Leaves101000
Edward Sissy Hands303000
Eiffel Plow Her414100
Ejaculation Overruled262420
Fail Her Poon10810260
Fast and Bycurious5500
Feliz Nobby Job333300
Film at 111100
Fire in the Hole968970
Fire in the Hole Short111100
Fish n Tits413470
Fist Pump696630
FistHer & PushHer1100
Flab Not Abs141400
Floppy Attachment9900
Floral Sex717010
For Sale or Rent23623420
Free Little Willy595630
French Toasted12111920
Friendly Thighs1100
Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Fat Chicks2200
From Russia With Blood202000
Fury Load201820
General Tso's Dicken9779144
General's Farm Animal486465156
George StuffedAnOctopus21620835
Get Me Off It's My Stop161600
Ginger Snatch817740
Glitter Shitter3300
Glitty Clitty Gang Bang160146140
Glue Factory Gum Drop2200
God Save the Peen343130
Go Go Go3300
Goes Down Dirty4400
Goldi Locks2200
Goldman Ballsachs523877
Greatest Ho On Earth484800
Grinding Nemo696720
Gursney Gripper5500
Gypsy Juggs1100
Happy Poo Year10078166
Happy Trail Traveler1100
Harem Scarem13313300
Have You Blown My Stapler?373430
Head Injury245207380
He Doesn't Even Blow Here9900
Heaven's Gape131003
Hell's Anal122104180
Hiney Hunter646400
Hitachi Toucha Touch Me1100
Holy Fuck565600
Holy Milk of Our Mother424200
Homo on the Range292441
Honey Nut Queerios10710700
Ho Ho Ho Your Boat6510
How I Met My Brother262600
Hung Like Saddam202000
Hungry For Hippos4400
Hungry Hungry Homo2772312422
I Can Open Your Thighs252500
I Can't Dive 556600
I Cunt Hear You6510
I'm Big In Japan282710
I'm Tho Thor129109200
Incredible Edible Schmegg12385308
Intestine the Waters332940
Issues and Tissues1029750
It's Not Cocket Science424110
Jabba the Butt222200
Jackoff Lantern202000
Jamaican Boobsled Team6510
Jizzdom Tooth252500
Jolly Green Knob3300
Juan In A Million2110
Keebler Shelf615830
Kim Slong-Ungh616100
Kindergarten Cock18417680
Knocked Up514812
Kooter Kunte125105146
La Gingeracha195178170
Lance Asstrong161600
Late Nite Drive Thru245233111
Leaning Tower of Please Ya464510
Little Red Ride-Me-Good2702351916
Little Thunder Clap14814044
Little Zombie Munch Punch7700
London Bitches Going Down817290
Looney Soccer Dad414010
Lorena Hobbit131300
Lube Bottom Me191810
Lube Me Up, Scotty838210
Luke Skywatcher2200
Magic Johnson625750
Mambo # Hives18117380
Manned Parenthood484710
Mary Magnum Lay141400
Maxxximus Interruptus181800
Maybe It's Gaybelline133115171
Mayor Blew Me3300
Meat me After Class1100
Meat the Parents121200
Meghan's Law252410
Mein Chomp5500
Mellow Foreskin Cheese348331143
A Midsemester Night's Cream484251
Missed Her Bush595810
Moose Knuckles157140116
More Men636210
Mourning Wood302325
Mouthful of Clam129111144
Mr Holland's Anus161600
Mr Magoo313010
Muff the Magic Dragon918821
Muppet Rapies655780
My Little Pony182161183
Nasty Gash195164526
No Strings Attached10410121
Nobody Puts Gayby in a Corner545031
Nut Mechanic10710700
Oh, the Humanatee!484710
Old Yell Her3300
One-Eyed Snake Handler1100
One Hit Her Quit Her242310
Only You Can Prevent Bushfires101000
Orange is the New Snatch111100
Orgasm 'Til It Stops (OTIS)343400
Orianal Express171700
Osama Bin Hashing696630
Otto Von Jizzmark262600
Panic! With the Crisco121110
Papal Smear777700
Parks and Defecation404000
Pay as you Go232120
Pebbles For Pussy646220
Pee It Forward1039445
Pee Willy242310
Penis Fly Trap676160
Periodic Fable323200
Pickle Me Elmo111010
Please Step Away From the Whores5765054031
Polly Wanna Crack Whore434300
Poon Tang Clan242211
Poonapple Juice7358114
Poop Dick716650
Pooples Mountain Majesty1129679
Poops I Did it Again494982
Premature Ejaculator787503
Preteen Protein171700
Prince Charmin434210
Private Snowball969042
Prostate Rights141400
Pulp Friction958780
Puncta Cunt1100
Purple Peter Eater2502102614
Push Takka4400
Put It Out528471570
Put Outhouse2200
Quantum Whizics127116110
Queen Ebola III4400
Queen of the Jungle303000
Queer Today Ghana Tomorrow292333
Quid Pro Blow16315058
Raider of the Lost Box696810
Rail Mary252320
Read Between the Slime424110
Ready Player None202000
Red Dong302712
Red Vag of Courage3502884715
Red White and Poo13312580
Return to Sender's Wife464510
Road Kill12912360
Rocket Socket848310
Roll Over Bitch (ROB)459434214
Rosetta Bone163142183
RPI (Rear Protein Injection)408387210
Runs with Bulls2200
Saigon Sally868510
Sally the Jizz Hound433904
Salem Clit Trials7700
School for Girls who Cant Sex Good212010
Schrodinger's Cock1931611319
Scouts on Her292270
Seizure's Phallus13312940
Selfie Stick151500
Semen on the Pew339298410
Senior Douchburg444130
Senior Sodomizing Slut222200
Seven Queer Stitch353500
Sha Na…Knees Knees151500
Shamrock Your Cock4133404330
Shetland Blow-me14013523
Shitty Porn Story161510
Silver Spooge15814558
Sir Lance-a-Little282710
Sister of a Down151500
Skeets, Toots, and Leaves181620
Skid Marxist262600
Slothy Seconds494630
Slumber Jack2101
Slut Machine222200
Small Craft Advisory6600
Snap, Crackle, Poop!134111122
Snatch Shot328308200
Son, What the Fuck302244
Sorest Rump178145258
Special Head Kid112101110
Special Red777340
Sphincter Shy2231842910
Spit 'n Spin878421
Split her Bare292630
Spread for the City313010
St. Pauli's Girl233194390
Stain Gretzky1841551712
Sticky Throttle6600
Stinky Deposit Box3300
Straight In The Navy131300
Strange Ground Chuck31030280
Sugar in the Tank9900
Survival Of the Spittest696540
Taco Rim Job242400
Tapped Three Times130103720
Test Tube Baby11010316
Texas Hold Him11510564
The Assman Cummeth2200
The Empire Strikes Black1100
The Failing Wall202000
The Great White MILF111010
The Hyperpoop171511
The Lying, the Bitch, and the Whoredrobe8261165
The Whore You Know9900
There's A Clap For That16114993
Third Base Couch1100
Third Girl Problems373511
Throbbin Hood8060416
Tomb Raper11830
Tony Panda24323652
Too Easy756564
Trailor Swift121200
Tragic Carpet Ride20319580
Trickle Down Sexonomics191612
Trim Shady2281931124
True Bromance343400
Tuck Tuck Deuce3272822520
Tumble Cry24023028
Turn the Meat Around656410
Turning Trix is for Kids181710
Twater Boarding585413
Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock4053374721
Two Fingers2200
Two Inches in Ladyboy131300
Two Percent Milf11911
U Ass Ass Ow615920
Uncle Bad Touch111100
Under 25 to Ride656500
Unleash the Furry1100
Uno, Dos, Tres LIFTOFF!3322902022
Uppercount (Female)5500
Uppercunt (Male)7700
Urine Grande Trouble404000
Vaginal Countdown1461151516
Virgin Queen13813260
Vladimir Fruitin787260
Wait Wait Don't Fuck Me11510591
Wank Like An Egyptian24623088
Wax On Whacks Off (WOWO)461432290
Well Hung3300
What's a Boner?363411
What if God Drove Metrobus121200
When The Ball Drops524318
Whiskey Business265234310
White Girl Wasted282800
Who Wears Shart Sharts464141
Who's in my Mouth?131021
Whora The Explorer2200
Whoregon Trail136120124
Why is the Cum Gone413920
Wiener Shitzel454500
Wife Guard585800
Willy Wanka and the Back Door Factory111100
Wookin Pa Nub136108919
Works for Sax3300
Yeast Infection645833
Yes We Camry333210
Yes We Cane! (Four More Beers)141301
You Can't Handle The Poop1049680
You Goat Girl292900
You Only Cum Once958591
You Sucked My Battledick269229364