Suspension of EWH3 Trails

For over 20 years and 1172 trails, Everyday is Wednesday H3 has run weekly in DC. While we try and put safety third, all of us on EWH3 mismanagement care deeply about our community; this is one of the few (possibly first) times it doesn’t make sense to run trail. We love hashing almost as much as anyone, but there is nothing responsible or fun about bringing a bunch of people together in close quarters right now and potentially exposing all of us to the COVID-19 virus to take back to our workplaces, homes, and families. In addition, the president, CDC, mayor, and many others have discouraged or banned gatherings — this is a time to listen to them.

In accordance with the guidance being provided by government officials and the CDC, EWH3 trails are suspended until further notice. EWH3 mismanagement is monitoring the situation closely to determine when it is safe and smart to hash again. We will keep you updated as these decisions are made through the EWH3 website, discussion listserv, and trail announcement listserv. In the meantime, we ask that you refrain from using the EWH3 name, brand, or logo in affiliation with any unofficial trails or events.

This decision was not made lightly and is the last thing any of your mismanagement wanted. We are already excited to get out of the house and back to hashing, when the time is right. Until then, please take care of each other (but not too closely). If you have any questions, you can reach out to