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When: April 9, 2015

Where: Judiciary Square (Red line)

Weather: 50-ish and drizzly.

Hares: All Flash No Drive, Colliteral Damage, GeriatricMandering, Head Injury, Infidellatio, YOCO

Virgins: Just Jessica, Just Josh, Just Rick, Just Trevor

Visitors: Rocky Mountain Oysters, Skips Virgins for Dick

On After: Kelly’s Irish Times

Need an excuse for not finishing your taxes on time? Here are some ready-made ones courtesy of your fellow hashers.

  • You were called to court for littering, just like Daisy Chain.
  • You got pink eye for forgetting it goes in the mouth, just like Hungry Hungry Homo.
  • You became obsessed with the concept of “letting it soak,” just like Slothy Seconds.
  • You were caught for indecent exposure, just like Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  • Or for proudly showing off your footlong, just like Manned Parenthood.

Already spent my refund,

Mambo # Hives