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Ever wonder what it would be like if E-Dub’s exploits made it to the small screen? Now’s your chance courtesy of this week’s stunt scribe, Texas Hold Him. So …

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a shitty trip
That started from Brookland Metro
At a clambering clip

The runners were a sweaty group
The walkers drank a lot
Five hares lead that day
For a 90 minute trail
(A 90 minute trail)

The hare’s ran around the shores of this
Uncharted DC isle,
With: Poop Dick,
Happy Poo Year,
General’s Farm Animal,
Hurricane Cuntrina

So join us here each week my friends,
You’re sure to get a smile
From several drunken castaways
Here on EH3 Isle!

EH3 Isle Recap: Season 15 Episode #918 “Softer than a Soggy Fish Stick”

On the latest episode of EH3 Isle:

Two new ingénues made their appearances. Hopefully we see them in future episodes.

We didn’t see any cross-over extras, which is okay because they try to make references no one else gets.

In our first act, Maybe It’s Gaybelline was overheard asking General’s Farm Animal what kind of booty he was looking for. With the amount of grog he consumed, it he was probably okay with any port in the storm. Red White and Poo’s lines about being “itchy, itchy all over” were not that surprising, considering where there are mermaids, there are crabs.

After a commercial break, La Gingeracha mentioned that he was considering becoming a monk. Since all they do is pray and not have sex, he is already half way there. GeriatricMandering revealed a bit backstory by admitting that whiskey and lemon tasted like cough syrup. If they do a daddy-issues arc, I’m going to bail.

I found the A Plot to be meandering and slow to resolution, but the B Plot left a lot to be desired. The hares probably agreed, since they bailed on this narrative for second half and left Return to Sender’s Wife to lead the way.

In the finale act Just David delighted with many entertaining bon mots. Though he may have the soaring oratory of an NPR anchor, that silver tongue of his was not enough to reel in his first love, earning his character the name Wait Wait, Don’t Fuck Me.

So join your faithful recapper here each week.

On – GILLIGAN! – On,

Texas Hold Him