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EWH3# 783 Trash: The YBF- You’ve Been Furloughed- Trail Trash! Thursday, August 8, 2013- Capitol South Metro

When: 6:45 pPM Thursday August 8, 2013.

Where: Capitol South Metro

Hares:  One If by She Two if by She, Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock, Big Bang, Blows A Tranny, Just Nick

On On On: Jenny’s Asian Fusion

The trail started on the corner of Dst and New Jersey Ave SE with a distant view of the US capital building, a perfect backdrop for the You’ve Been Furloughed Trail.  Our brew crewers for the night Coxx on Demand  and Corn Dog Millionaire found a spot spot for Plan-B just curb side to where the pack began to gather. The GM for the evening Dont Ask Don’t Smell started off by introducing the virgins to the pack Pamela, Brandon, Britt, Donald, Kevin, Megan, Ag, Nancy, Richard, David, Claire, Tav, Gail, Stephanie, and Andrew. We had a few new transplants nobody cares about Bad Sex and

Blows in the Dark.  The hare representatives One if By Man Two If By She explained in advance how the hares used the governments rule of only allowing 80% efforts to be applied to this trails planning and the pack was to be thoroughly screwed along the way.  She then sang us a song about a man who worked in a button factory but had to take Fridays off without pay because of poor management planning and then the pack was off. The walkers were off with Aunt Vagina’s Maple Syrup.


The hares ran the pack around the dirty parts of the south east water front stopping for a quick beer check  in a sketchy alley. The pack was again soon off again along the waterfront and past the open air fish market and reconvened with Plan-B on the waterfront. The RA for the night Daisy Chain circled up the pack and began by violating the hares for 80% of their efforts, and reintroducing the virgins. Our jubilee Bless Me father For I have Rimmed handed out some sweet necklaces for out 17 and over crowd, OH AIDS, Missed Her Bush, and Going Gay With Person A, thanks for coming back.

Then it was time for violations!!

Cum Dumpling was violated for not having gold carpet to match the drapes and sneakers, also for not being the worst Eminem impression ever.

Hiungry Hungry Homo was violated because he was covering himself with color change glitter to hide the fact that he is Brown, have a little brown pride my friend.

Mr HEd was violated/commended for getting an internship at the white house. She has since put together her outfit for her first day, a blue dress and a box of cigars.

Bless Me father For I have Rimmed was violated for wearing a shirt brighter than her smile, this violation has gone unverified because no one remembers seeing her smile.

-The Hares were violated for trying to kill off 20% of the pack by running them across a six lane highway.

Under 25 to Ride was violated because after he was slapped on the ass he responded “no one has touched me like that since wreath around”

Tosh.Homo Was violated for being an over achiever and running to the start of hash.

Just Nancy was violated for yelling “that smells like dirty vagina!!” as the pack passed the fish market, well and if anyone would know it would be her gynecologist.

Red, White, and Poo found Listerine in her hash bag, who ever was dropping the hint she is down to make out.

Tits For Tots was commended for her new job(YAAY!!) in Nigeria(BOOOO!) She would also like to keep in touch so please send her your contact at her new place of work in Nigeria at the following address notacheckcashingscam@someprinceyouneverherdof.nigeria  She hopes you’ll keep in touch.


Then it was time for the most solemn occasion of a naming. The lucky hasher to willing to get on their knees for us this week was just Nick. A little bit about Just Nick he was born and raised in Iowa, works as a defense contractor, last shit his pants at the young age of 22 while on watch checking IDs, once pissed himself and fell down a flight of stairs, once mid coitus rolled off the bed and got stuck between the bed and the wall but never “fell out”,he loves the older ladies, he broke up with a girl just before Christmas because she cheated on him with his cousin(that’s what you get in small town Iowa),he was a Naval Officer, spent time on a guided missile cruiser, and he loves to wave his arms around like a drunk frat girl. The pack had a handful of names come through Fon Do Me,  If you see something spray something, Poo Girl, smear admiral, and Pooger Bait  But only one name was worthy of this hasher.  Forever more and throughout the world of hashing except (you know who you are) Just Nick will be known as In The Gravy!!

And then the pack was Happy, Macho mugs were nowhere in sight had and the pack made to Jenny’s Asian Fusion

On – I wish I had Fridays off/ I hate My job -On

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