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EWH3# 849: The Deep-n-Dirty South Trail- 6:45 PM Thursday, September 18 – Capitol South (Blue/Orange/Silver Line)

: 6:45 PM Thursday September 18, 2014.

Where: Capitol South Metro (Blue/Orange/Silver Line)

Hares: GeriatricMandering, There’s A Clap For That, S&Mom, You Can’t Handle The Poop, Jew with a Dragon Tattoo, 4 Whores and 7 Rears Ago

Weather: PERFECT. Good job, Little Thunder Clap!

Miscellaneous Crap: So many jorts.

On On On:  Capitol Lounge

Virgins: Just Andrew, Just Luke, Just Kristen, Just Sarah, Just Tomer, Just Will, Just Denis, Just Alan, Just Carly, Just Cameron, Just Elissa, Just Mitch, Just Andrew, Just Meg, Just Raha

Visitors: Just Zeke (Madrid), Ewetube (Bloomingfool’s H3), Garden o’Beaten (Bloomingfool’s H3).  Pretty sure more visitors than that stood up but that’s all I’ve got!


S&MOM and Glitty Clitty Gang Bang are giving up and getting married. Which really sucks for the rest of us that missed out on Glitty Clitty’s gang bang days. Womp womp.

(^ all of us when we saw those two lovebirds on Thursday ^)

Colliteral Damage left the prelube to buy liquor at the liquor store to drink on the way to trail. Now that’s what we call commitment!

(actual quote from CD)

Papal Smear’s dog kept stopping and barking at all the brown people. And when you’re hashing in SE, that’s just bad news…

So the capital police were upset about well, about us being us, when Just Chris runs by and one of the cops shouts, “the British are coming the British are coming!” Which is what he will be shouting later….

Ass-A-Woman Bay ate shit on trail. And not the good way. Yeah, I went there.

Just Kristen was walking into circle after the virgins were called and lamented, “it’s so nice to be a virgin again.”

Yellow Line was overheard saying how she loves getting texts from her boyfriend telling her he’s got pizza waiting for her. To which tosh.homo responds, “uh who is this other boyfriend and when can I get free pizza?”

Four Whores and Seven Rears Ago was asked if he had any violations and responded, “is being fabulous a violation?”

Compost Pile inspired some kids in the alley to yell, “that’s a great ass for a white man!” Compost brings all the little boys to the yard.

And then there was…. A NAMING!!!!! Just Paul was a poop and a half. Yes, I just wrote that, because Just Paul is a good ol’ Midwestern boy from Iowa who loves to talk about poop. His meanest experience involved tipping over a port-a-potty that his friend was taking a crap in. He once accident-pooped on his (ex)wife while in the middle of a fight. He was once pooped on during sex and still finished. When asked what cartoon character he would bang, he accidentally blurted out “Bart Simpson!” which we all jumped on immediately. Some names that didn’t suck included Can You Squeal the Love Tonight (castrasted pigs for a while, nbd), Cowa-Butthole, Dude, and Eat My Sharts. The hash voted, and while it was a close one, Just Paul will forever be known as Eat My Sharts!

Peace, love, and nobel sharts,

Mr. hEd