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When: March 26, 2015

Where: Tysons Corner (Silver line)

Weather: A preview of things to cum, low 70s and early-evening rain storm

Hares: Jew-Cock-A, Pinnochi-Ho, Vladamir Fruitin’, Just Mauricio, Just Elana, Sorest Rump, Around the World in 80 Lays

Virgins: Just Duke, Just Dave , Just Marcus , Just Chris, Just Laurissa

Visitors: Butt Check, Master Baster

On After: Chics n Wings


It rained and poured on 55 flashy hashers
A mall, parking lots for 55 trashy hashers
Nearly drove those city kids crazy, crazies
E-dub takes Tysons

Rise and shine and blame the R.A., hey hey
Rise and shine and have an IPA, hey hey
Rise and shine and here are violays, hey hey
E-dub takes Tysons

  • Red White and Poo & You Can’t Handle The Poop talked shop on trail about their love of food poisoning. The only person who should actually shooting the shit on trail is Free Little Willy’s dog.
  • And God said to some of our elders on the walkers trail: gather the hashers two by two … to the nearest bar.
  • But then again, our R.A., RPI, and the hares forgot the ark!
  • Just Duke left behind Uno, Dos, Tres LIFTOFF!’s lanyard, which is something she could certainly use to punish him for stealing her mug.
  • Have You Blown My Stapler took a nice big swig of his own pee, even though he assured us it was just beer.
  • Tosh.Homo is his own words: “I’m a consultant, I look for efficiencies. Just like my sex life, real fast.”
  • Penis Fly Trap tried to score some sex on trail with a toy horse.
  • We couldn’t believe Bad Dog didn’t stop inside the mall for new shoes.
  • And Taco Rim Job couldn’t believe those tit checks were not a birthday gift for his eyes only.

You don’t fill in potholes with bricks,

Mambo # Hives