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When: 6:45 PM Thursday January 17th, 2019. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Columbia Heights Metro – follow marks to start!

Hares: Special Head Kid, Heaven’s Gape, Mourning Wood, Quid Pro Blow, Rail Mary, Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer, Please Step Away from the Whores, and L’chymen

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B. Runners’ and Walkers’ trail are dog friendly; walkers’ trail is stroller-friendly. Pack smartly, dress warmly, and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun.

How Far: Runners’ trail will be approximately 4.4 miles long (about 2.12 miles first half and 2.32 miles second half). Walkers’ trail usually is approximately half the distance of the runners’ trail.

Last trains out of Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan (Red Line, but it is closer to our end):

On After: Town Tavern 2323 18th Street NW. Specials: You get a special, and you get a special – everyone gets a special!

EWH3# 790: The Countdown to the Shutdown (Our Country is Run by Buffoons)Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, September 26, 2013 – L’Enfant Metro (Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange Line)

While Congress resolves to continuously refrain from continuous resolutions, you should feel free to resolve with us to drink a lot for a little…because $6 DC Brau out and about is going to hurt both your pocket and your inflated DC ego come October 1 when you, all of a sudden, have a lot more time on your (literally) poor furloughed hands.
When: 6:45 PM Thursday September 26th, 2013.
Where: L’Enfant Metro (Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange Line).
Use the Maryland Avenue exit and follow marks to the start!
HaresAssawoman Bay, Sorest Rump, Tuck Tuck Deuce, Facial Profiling, Daddy’s Gonna Be Awhile, Dickileaks, Just Mike
Miscellaneous Crap: Live A to B trail.   Runner’s trail is dog friendly and mostly stroller friendly; walker’s trail is dog friendly and stroller friendly (if you don’t mind stairs). Headlamps are always recommended, but are not required this week.
Last metro out of Navy Yard:
Branch Ave – 12:17 AM
Greenbelt – 11:39 PM (No Red Line Transfer Possible)
WeatherH77L59; 0% chance of rain, NW 9 mph wind

On On On: Gordon Biersch
100 M St SE
Washington, DC 20003


Specials: After 10PM we get:

$5 select appeteasers
$1 off Gordon Biersch lagers
$2 off all wines by the glass

$5 specialty cocktails and martinis

EWH3# 789: The Safety Third Autumnal Equinox Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, September 19, 2013 – Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange Line)

This week, your hares lead you in celebrating the upcoming solar event when the amount of daylight and the amount of darkness are equal.  Since we will start having more darkness in our daily lives than light, lets get back to being obnoxious and visible (like we need any help there!).  So check your ninja suits at the door and break out the neon, reflecting gear, and anything else that can be seen at night from a few blocks away.  As always, you may want to bring your promiscuity and prophylactics.
When: 6:45 PM Thursday September 19th, 2013.
Where: Rosslyn Metro (Blue/Orange Line). Follow marks to the start!
Hares: Whore Crimes, PutItOut, Big Bang, Carmen Sandiegho, Infidellatio, Pee It Forward, Just Lauren
Miscellaneous Crap: Live A to A trail.   Runner’s trail is tough dog friendly; walker’s trail is stroller and dog friendly.  Bring a change of shoes since runners are going to get a bit wet.  It’s getting dark, so headlamps are a good idea.  Remember to pack light, friends!
Last metro out of Rosslyn Metro:
Franconia-Springfield – 12:16 AM
Largo Town Center – 11:57 PM
New Carrollton – 11:57 PM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU – 12:13 AM

WeatherH80L63; 30% chance of rain/scattered thunder storms, WSW 10mph wind

On On On: Continental Modern Pool Lounge
1911 North Fort Myer Drive
Arlington, VA 22209

Specials: 1/2 price Cuban sandwiches until 11:00 & their TBD late-night drink special

EWH3# 787: The Fourth Anal Anything-But-Clothes (ABC) Trail! 6:45 PM Thursday, September 5th, 2013 – Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue Line)

Get your outfits ready for the Fourth Anal Anything But Clothes hash! The theme is simple: show up wearing anything but clothes. Try trash bags, duct tape, or coffee filters. Get creative with cardboard, shower curtains, or a package of 5,000 condoms from the Department of Health. In a pinch, a sheet can become a toga but don’t show up in clothes. Get ready for a bunch of shots and running around DC in wacky outfits! And remember, if you’re worried your costume is too risque, rest assured there are no public nudity laws in DC.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday September 5th, 2013.

Where: Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue Line). Use the 12th and G metro Exit. Follow marks to the start!

Hares: Twinkle Twinkle Little Cock; Roll Over, Bitch; Big Bendover; 1 if by Man, 2 if by She; Lock, Cock, and Two Smoking Nostrils; mystery walkers hare.

Miscellaneous Crap: Live A to A prime trail through Downtown DC!.  Trail is dog friendly as long as they’re not wearing clothes.  Pack light- this one should be crowded!

Last metro out of Metro Center:

Franconia-Springfield – 12:06 AM
Glenmont – 12:06 AM
Largo Town Center – 12:06 AM
New Carrollton – 12:06 AM
Shady Grove – 12:06 AM
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU – 12:06 AM

WeatherH85L60; 10% chance of rain, W 11mph wind

On On OnRecessions

The gentlemen at Recessions- where their tagline is “get too MUCH for your money at Recessions!”- have come through for us again with these specials:

-$5 big beers (like, super big)
-$5 rail drinks

-Thursday is Karaoke night

Hashers will receive wristbands in order to make it easier for the bartenders to know who gets specials, so make sure you get one.

1823 L St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-6686