When: 6:45 PM Thursday February 14th, 2019. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Georgia Ave – Petworth (Green Line)- follow marks to start!

Hares: Melabonin, Basement Boy Toy, Red Dong, Little Zombie Munch Punch, Just Kevin and Just Ez, Just Surak, and maybe a mystery hare!  

How Far: Runner’s trail is 4.7 miles total. Walker’s is roughly half that.

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to .. um.. i dunno, at least M. There is shiggy. Maybe a 3.5 on 5pt scale. First half is stroller friendly, not so much second half. If your doggie likes shiggy, consider it dog friendly.
It should be a nice night. Pack warmly and bring a headlamp & mug! Be smart, have fun.

Last trains out of Columbia Heights:

Green Line:
Branch Ave 11:21
Greenbelt 11:55

On After: Don Juan
Specials: It’s Valentine’s Day!

For general questions on hashing, email us questions at [email protected]

For questions about trails or haring a trail, email harerazor at [email protected]

Greetings from your WIE committee. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is one of utmost secrecy. We are in search of an elite squadron of intergalactic soldiers and spies to collect intel on species #6.9H (colloquially deemed “humans”). By attending this training session, you are expressing interest in mission assignment. Report on Sol 38 at hour 1915 to your temporary captains. Further instructions will be provided during pre-trail debriefing. Upon successful completion of this training exercise, you are encouraged to visit the assignment portal to detail your nourishment and bunk preferences for this mission.

When: 6:45 PM Thursday February 2019. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Shaw/Howard U Station, circle up in front of Right Proper (624 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001)

Hares: Atari 6900, Schrödinger’s Cock, General Tso’s Dicken, Colliteral Damage, Dude That Guy

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A, and will be a dog- & stroller-friendly pavement pounder. Pack smartly and bring a cranium lamp & mug!  Be smart, have fun.

Last trains out of Shaw / Howard:
Branch Ave 11:25 PM
Greenbelt 11:51 PM
Huntington 11:16 PM

On After: Satellite Room

Specials: Maybe. Are you special? Hmm… convince us.
On – On!