Pi has been around for almost 4000 years, but let’s talk about the real pie-timeline! Back in ancient Babylon, they thought pi was a neat and tidy 3. Then along came Archimedes, who played the world’s first game of ‘Guess the Pi’ and landed somewhere between 3 1/7 and 3 10/71. Ptolemy added his two cents, giving us 3.1416, probably after a heated debate with Archimedes at the math club. Not to be left out, Zu Chongzhi, a brilliant Chinese mathematician and astronomer, took a similar approach to calculating pi, showing that mathematical genius knows no cultural bounds.

Meanwhile, in a parallel pastry universe, the Egyptians were baking what we now call pies, and the Greeks were flexing their culinary skills, possibly while debating the finer points of geometry. Fast forward to Thanksgiving in 1621, where the pilgrims didn’t have pumpkin pie but were chowing down on meat pies like it was going out of style. The colonists loved pies so much they used them as winter food storage units. Talk about a crusty situation! And what’s more American than apple pie? Well, actually, it’s pretty English. But hey, we’ll still claim it as our own. Because in the end, whether it’s math or dessert, everyone wants a piece of the pie!

Join us this Thursday for a pie in the sky trail to celebrate all things π and pie!


When: 6:45 PM Thursday, March 14, 2023. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Where: Lyman’s Tavern. 3720 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010 (Closest metro Georgia Ave-Petworth, ½ a mile from start)

Nearest Capital Bike Share: 4th St & Spring Rd NW

Hares: Lickthyologist, Atari 6900, Tumey McBoatface, Head Injury, possible mystery hares

Trail Details:
– Runners: 3.14 miles 

– Walkers: 1.69 miles  

– Shiggy: 0.14159265359

Bag drop at Lyman’s will start at 6:45, with the opening circle out front at 7:15. Someone will be appointed to stay with the bags, in lieu of a bag van. There will be no real beer check for this trail! Halves are separated by a shot check, however walkers will wait for runners who wish to switch to walkers’ trail.

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A (bar to bar). Bring your ID, a cranium light, and a sense of humor. Sign up on Hash Rego is required if paying by card! Be smart, have fun.

End Metro: George Ave-Petworth Metro (Green Line)

Last Trains Out:

Branch Ave 11:41 PM

Greenbelt 12:27 AM

On After: Lyman’s

Specials: You are special.

March is here and the weather is changing. You know what that means… Baseball season is upon us. Even if it’s not your thing, you might as well come out this Thursday to experience some of the first green you’ve seen in a while as we take a trip through South DC, passing all kinds of parks and sports fields.


When: 6:45 PM Thursday, March 7, 2024. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Where: Waterfront Metro

Nearest Capital Bike Share: 4th and M St SW

Hares: Tumey McBoatFace, How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Fuck?, TBD

Trail Details:
– Runners: 1.8 mi. first half / 2.4 mi. second half
– Walkers: 1.1 mi. first half / 1.3 mi. second half
– Shiggy: 0.69

Miscellaneous Crap:
Trail is A to B

On After: Solace Outpost
Specials: You’re Special.