It’s October, that perfect time of year to celebrate the horrors, thrills, and chills of the cinema!  
From the shower scene in Psycho


To Vera Farmiga just trying to get the ghoul up out her partner –  


This Pretty Pretty Princess trail, don your best shout-out to your favorite Scream Queen!  Will it be Sally Hardesty?  Carly Jones? Selene?  Nya? 


Or, on trail:
When: 6:45 PM Thursday October 17, 2019. Pack away at 7:15!

Where: Tenleytown Metro (Red Line) – Follow marks to start!

Hares: Colliteral Damage, GeriatricMandering, Deathly Swallows, Rail Mary, All Flash No Drive, Rosetta Bone, Tacos On A Bridge

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A-Prime.

How far: Runners’ trail will be approximately 4.5 miles Walkers’ trail is about 1.7 miles.

Last trains out of Tenleytown (Red Line):
Glenmont 11:19 PM
Shady Grove 11:51 PM

On After: Tenley Bar & Grill (sorry – Guapos is having an event for a different group. WTF – someone told.)

Specials: We have the whole bottom floor and all night HH!

That’s right it’s that time of year again, when we give you TWO, yes TWO ways to drink while running.  We have Regular and Ultra this week, and as always our standard Lite (walkers).  You can choose to either show up at regular time at Minnesota Ave and follow marks to start.. or you can choose the beerier and runnier trail!  Get out to Capitol Heights by 5:30, and you get an epic Ballbusting 11+ mile hunt for FOUR beer checks! So chooseyourownadventure!  Either way, we’ll see you DC Eagle at the end.

Regular Trail When: 6:45 circle up, Pack away 7:15!
Ballbuster When: 5:30 circle up, Pack away 6:00 PM!

Regular Trail Where: Minnesota Ave (orange line)- follow marks to start!
Ballbuster Where: Capitol Heights (blue line) – follow marks to start!

Regular Hares: Wait Wait Don’t Fuck Me & several mystery hares!
Ballbuster Hares: All Flash No Drive, Special Head Kid, Goldman Ballsachs, By the Power of Gayskull, Quid Pro Blow

Miscellaneous Crap: Regular trail is A to A’ (same metro). Ballbuster trail is A to Z. There will be some shiggy on both trails. It should be a nice night. Pack smartly and bring a headlamp (it’s dark again people!) & mug! Be smart, have fun.

How Far: Regular Trail is 2 1/4 first half, and a little more than 2 on the second half.
Walkers is just a little over 1 mile each half.
Ballbuster true trail is 11.5 miles

Last trains out of Minnesota Ave:
Orange Line to New Carrollton:  11:57 PM
Orange Line to Vienna / Fairfax:  11:15 PM 

On After: DC Eagle

Specials: DC Eagle is a pretty special place